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puppet-metrics-viewer - A CLI tool for generating visualizations of your Puppet metrics data

  •    Ruby

This repo contains a CLI tool for generating visualizations of your puppet metrics data. It assumes you have collected the metrics using npwalker/pe_metric_curl_cron_jobs.The json2graphite.rb script can be used to transform data in JSON files into a format that can be fed into Graphite.

seneca-amqp-transport - Official AMQP transport plugin for Seneca

  •    Javascript

This plugin allows seneca listeners and clients to communicate over AMQP.Important: Starting from 2.2.0 this plugin will require the usage of the --harmony flag in order to run in node versions older than LTS (currently 6.x.x).

activemq - Development repository for activemq Chef Cookbook

  •    Ruby

Provides resources for installing Apache ActiveMQ and managing the Apache ActiveMQ service for use in wrapper cookbooks. Installs from tarballs from the Apache.org website by default. The activemq_install resource installs an instance of the Apache ActiveMQ binary direct from Apache's mirror site. As distro packages are not used we can easily deploy per-instance installations and any version available on the Apache archive site can be installed.

node-qpid - A Node

  •    C++

It expects you to already have version 0.3 of the qpid-proton library installed on your (Linux) system.

activemq-example - ActiveMQ Spring Jms Example

  •    Java


activemq-cli - Command Line tool to interact with the Apache ActiveMQ message broker

  •    Scala

Command-line tool (Windows/macOS/Linux) to interact with a JMX enabled Apache ActiveMQ message broker. Here is a three minute video that shows how to install, configure and use ActiveMQ CLI.

akka-microservice - Example of a microservice with Scala, Akka, Spray and Camel/ActiveMQ

  •    Scala

Example of a microservice with Scala, Akka, Spray and Camel/ActiveMQ. Based on one of the Typesafe Activator templates.