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sharedb-ace - ShareDB bindings for Ace Editor

  •    Javascript

Sharedb-ace provides two-way bindings between ShareDB and Ace Editor. Please see here for internals documentation.

jodit - Jodit - Best WYSIWYG Editor for You

  •    TypeScript

An excellent WYSIWYG editor written in pure TypeScript without the use of additional libraries. Its file editor and image editor.

codeMirror-aceEditor-theme-generator - CodeMirror & Ace Editor themes generated from a GUI and/or Sublime Text & TextMate themes

  •    Javascript

Generate Code Mirror and Ace Editor themes with the help of a sleek GUI and/or from the thousands of available themes for Sublime Text and Text Mate. This project is in its early stages and will continue to grow with new features.

ace-grammar - Transform a JSON grammar into a syntax-highlight parser for ACE Editor

  •    Javascript

to generate syntax-highlight parsers (ace modes) from a grammar specification in JSON format. See working examples under /test folder.

fongshen-editor - A highly customizable code-inserting editor for markdown or other languages

  •    PHP

A highly customizable code-inserting editor. Fongshen is a code inserting editor, It can integrate and wrap many other text editors and provides multiple buttons sets. Fongshen is based on well known MarkItUp editor but almost rewrite 80% codes.