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sharedb-ace - ShareDB bindings for Ace Editor

  •    Javascript

Sharedb-ace provides two-way bindings between ShareDB and Ace Editor. Please see here for internals documentation.

jodit - Jodit - Best WYSIWYG Editor for You

  •    TypeScript

An excellent WYSIWYG editor written in pure TypeScript without the use of additional libraries. Its file editor and image editor.

codeMirror-aceEditor-theme-generator - CodeMirror & Ace Editor themes generated from a GUI and/or Sublime Text & TextMate themes

  •    Javascript

Generate Code Mirror and Ace Editor themes with the help of a sleek GUI and/or from the thousands of available themes for Sublime Text and Text Mate. This project is in its early stages and will continue to grow with new features.

ace-grammar - Transform a JSON grammar into a syntax-highlight parser for ACE Editor

  •    Javascript

to generate syntax-highlight parsers (ace modes) from a grammar specification in JSON format. See working examples under /test folder.

hass-configurator - Configuration UI for Home Assistant

  •    Python

While the configuration UI of Home Assistant is still in development, you can use this small webapp to modify your configuration. It's essentially an embedded Ace editor, which has syntax hightlighting and automatic linting for yaml files (and a ton of other features you can turn on and off). There is also an integrated file browser to select whatever file you want to edit. When you are done with editing the file, click the save-button (or hit CTRL+s/CMD+s) and it will replace the original file. JT Martinez has done a wonderful job by implementing Material Design. If there is anything you want to have differently, feel free to fork and enhance. And if something is not working, create an issue here and I will have a look at it. WARNING: This tool allows you to browse your filesystem and modify files. So be careful which files you edit, or you might break critical parts of your system.

y-text - Text Type for Yjs

  •    Javascript

Retrieve this with bower or npm. If two users insert something at the same position concurrently, the content that was inserted by the user with the higher user-id will be to the right of the other content. In the OT world we often speak of intention preservation, which is very loosely defined in most cases. This type has the following notion of intention preservation: When a user inserts content c after a set of content C_left, and before a set of content C_right, then C_left will be always to the left of c, and C_right will be always to the right of c. This property will also hold when content is deleted or when a deletion is undone.

fongshen-editor - A highly customizable code-inserting editor for markdown or other languages

  •    PHP

A highly customizable code-inserting editor. Fongshen is a code inserting editor, It can integrate and wrap many other text editors and provides multiple buttons sets. Fongshen is based on well known MarkItUp editor but almost rewrite 80% codes.

ktcc - C Compiler that generates readable Kotlin and C# - Written in Kotlin + Small web-based Editor with autocompletion

  •    Kotlin

A C Compiler written in Multiplatform Kotlin (JVM, JS and Native). It aims to generate Kotlin and potentially other targets from ANSI C code.

webgl-shader-editor - Realtime editor for creating webgl shaders

  •    HTML

Realtime editor for creating webgl shaders with debugging tools to allow for inspecting local variable definitions in a fragment shader. After lot of frustration with developing shaders and not being able to easily track the calculations within a shader, I wanted explore what the possibilities for enabling a rich shader debugger might be light while still affording the direct shader code editing.

collaborative-code-editor - Collaborative code editor using Ace Editor, Code-Mirror, and ShareDB

  •    HTML

Collaborative Text Editor example with selection synchronization, active user display, and real time text collaboration using ShareDB. The purpose of this repo is to give a basic example setup for ShareDB with an Ace Editor client and Code-Mirror client. Uses ot-text as an example format, but could easily be updated to use ot-text-tp2 or other OT formats.

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