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accounts - Fullstack authentication and accounts-management for Javascript.

  •    TypeScript

Note: Although accounts-js is production ready, the packages within this repo are under active development — expect breaking changes with minor version updates. The @accounts suite of packages aims to provide all the tools you need to build a flexible authentication and accounts management solution for your application.

django-organizations - :couple: Multi-user accounts for Django projects

  •    Python

Separate individual user identity from accounts and subscriptions. Django Organizations adds user-managed, multi-user groups to your Django project. Use Django Organizations whether your site needs organizations that function like social groups or multi-user account objects to provide account and subscription functionality beyond the individual user. By default you will need to install django-extensions or comparable libraries if you plan on adding Django Organizations as an installed app to your Django project. See below on configuring.

express-stormpath - Build simple, secure web applications with Stormpath and Express!

  •    Javascript

We are incredibly excited to announce that Stormpath is joining forces with Okta. Please visit the Migration FAQs for a detailed look at what this means for Stormpath users. We're available to answer all questions at support@stormpath.com.

ooth - User identity/authentication/accounts management microservice for node.js

  •    TypeScript

Here is a live sample app built with next.js with username/password, facebook, google authentication, an accounts page. Find the source code here.

Gnuaccounting - Accounting and Bookkeeping Application

  •    Java

Gnuaccounting is a Free Java cross-platform accounting and bookkeeping application. It integrates with OpenOffice, Winston (online german tax declaration software), OpenTRANS, OsCommerce, Taskcoach and KTimeTracker (time tracking software)

accownt - 🐮 Dead simple user account system so easy a cow could do it.

  •    TypeScript

Dead simple user account system so easy a caveman cow could do it. The goal of Accownt is to be a full-featured, standalone account system that's straightforward for developers and users, easy to maintain, and as customizable as possible without introducing too much complexity.

budgetwarrior - Console personal finance manager

  •    C++

Simple command line utility to helps keeping track of your expenses and the state of your budget. Not everyone manages its money the same way. budgetwarrior is based on my way of managing my money. It may not be adapted to everyone. I'm separating all my expenses in several "accounts" and I give each of them a certain amount of money each month.

users - Development repository for users Chef cookbook

  •    Ruby

Manages OS users from databags. This cookbook is concerned with the management of OS users and groups from databags. It also manages the distribution of ssh keys to a user's home directory.

accountdown-command - manage accountdown accounts from the command-line

  •    Javascript

This is particularly useful in combination with level-party so you can manage users while a server is running. Execute the shifted command-line arguments args to the accountdown instance users.

nintendo-ptc-account-generator - An automation script based on CasperJS and PhantomJS that can create any number of Nintendo Pokémon Trainer Club accounts with a single e-mail address

  •    Javascript

An automation script based on CasperJS and PhantomJS that can create any number of Nintendo Pokémon Trainer Club accounts with a single e-mail address. This only works because Nintendo doesn't check for "email+1@domain.com" e-mail tricks, where the e-mail host completely ignores any part after (and including) the plus sign and sends it to "email@domain.com". This project was started as a proof of concept: even multi-billion dollar companies that just released the single most popular mobile game (Pokémon Go) sometimes miss the details.

node-fx-sync - Node.js client for Firefox Sync

  •    Javascript

Creates a new instance. Fetch sync'ed data from collection. Useful collections include: passwords, tabs, forms, prefs, bookmarks, addons, and history. For information on options, look here.

meteor-link-accounts - (Looking for maintainer) Meteor link account package

  •    Javascript

A Meteor package designed to links social network accounts without any hassles. Piggyback on existing Meteor oauth login system. Use login handler.

puppet-accounts - Simple hierachical management of Linux user accounts, groups and SSH keys

  •    Ruby

This is puppet module for managing user accounts, groups and setting ssh keys. For more examples see configuration used for tests.

ep_mypads - Private groups plugin for Etherpad - Mirror of

  •    Javascript

This git repo hosts the MyPads plugin for etherpad. MyPads is considered as stable.

shadowsocks-hub-api - A set of open and standard restful APIs for managing shadowsocks users, servers, nodes, products, accounts, and traffic

  •    Javascript

Shadowsocks Hub API provides a set of open and standard restful APIs for managing shadowsocks users, servers, nodes, products, accounts, and traffic. It is best suitable for companies, organizations, and groups of people to manage their internal shadowsocks infrastructures. Its web app (including graphic UI) can be found from shadowsocks-hub. Alternatively, you may choose to develop your own shadowsocks management UI by utilizing this set of API. All common features have been made available in the form of restful APIs.

google-analytics-service-accounts - Node library for Google Analytics REST API using service account

  •    Javascript

This library provides tools to use the Google Analytics REST API (GET only). Use of the REST API requires authentication, and this module provides an implementation of Google's oAuth instructions for 'service accounts' (instead of using the Google api for Node library).

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