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  •    DotNet

A simple C# 2.0 GUI program that manages your usernames and passwords, that is, basically account information. All confidential information is saved using the latest encryption standard, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), in the highest possible 256-bit strength. Account inf...

react-native-facebook-account-kit - Facebook Account Kit SDK wrapper for React Native

  •    Objective-C

A Facebook Account Kit SDK wrapper for react-native. The table below shows the supported versions of React Native and the different versions of react-native-facebook-account-kit.

bip32-utils - A small set of utilities for use with BIP32 HD key nodes

  •    Javascript

A set of utilities for working with BIP32. Compatible with bitcoinjs-lib ^2.0.0 and ^3.0.0.

lockit-delete-account - delete account middleware for lockit

  •    Javascript

Delete user accounts in your Express app. The module is part of Lockit.More about configuration at Lockit.

accountdown - manage accounts with leveldb

  •    Javascript

The string we gave to users.create() need not necessarily match the username credential. You might want to use a uid integer for example. In either case you will get implicitly encforced unique names because if a username already exists the users.create() call will fail even if the id is available and likewise if an id is unavailable but a username is available.Create a new account instance users given a leveldb database handle db and some options opts.

accountdown-basic - username/password authentication for accountdown using salted hashes

  •    Javascript

Return a basic auth instance b given a database handle db and an array prefix prefix.Optionally set an opts.key to use a different key as the identity than username.


  •    CoffeeScript

See lib/response.schema.json for further details. The CLI operates entirely over STDOUT, and will output the account stats as JSON.

tolkien - Passwords are obsolete - Send one time tokens for authentication instead.

  •    Javascript

Passwords are obsolete. If you haven't read this blog post yet, it should be the first thing you do today. It's the concept which made this module a reality. `tolkien implements one time token authorization which renders passwords obsolete. Instead of signing in to a service using a username and password you sign in using a token that get's send to you using (email, sms, whatever) and once click the link/use the token you're authenticated. That's it.

Keychains - :key: A keychain wrapper that is so easy to use that your cat could use it.

  •    Swift

A keychain wrapper that is so easy to use that your cat could use it. Keychains is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

stormpath-sdk-node - Official Node.js SDK for the Stormpath User Management REST API

  •    Javascript

We are incredibly excited to announce that Stormpath is joining forces with Okta. Please visit the Migration FAQs for a detailed look at what this means for Stormpath users. We're available to answer all questions at support@stormpath.com.

hoodie-account-client - :dog: Account client API for the browser

  •    Javascript

hoodie-account-client is a JavaScript client for the Account JSON API. It persists session information in localStorage (or your own store API) and provides front-end friendly APIs for things like creating a user account, confirming, resetting a password, changing profile information, or closing the account. Returns account API.

hoodie-account-server - :dog: Account JSON API backed by PouchDB

  •    Javascript

hoodie-account-server is a Hapi plugin that implements the Account JSON API routes and exposes a corresponding API at server.plugins.account.api.*, persisting user accounts using PouchDB. Have a look at the Hoodie project's contribution guidelines. If you want to hang out you can join our Hoodie Community Chat.

hoodie-account-server-api - 🐶 Account JavaScript API backed by PouchDB

  •    Javascript

@hoodie/account-server-api is a JavaScript API to manage user accounts and authentication backed by PouchDB. Features include account profiles and tokens. Returns an api instance.

hoodie-admin - 🐶 Hoodie Admin core module

  •    Javascript

This is the admin UI for Hoodie applications. It’s build with Ember.js and embraces Ember’s convention above Hoodie’s to make it as natural for Ember developers to contribute to it as possible. You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.

user - resource for managing users ( signups / logins / etc.. )

  •    Javascript

resource for managing users ( signups / logins / etc.. )

node-gtoken - :key: Google Auth Service Account Tokens for Node.js

  •    TypeScript

Various options that can be set when creating initializing the gtoken object. Returns the cached token or requests a new one and returns it.

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