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Easy responsive tabs - is a lightweight jQuery plugin which optimizes normal horizontal or vertical tabs to accordion on multi devices like: web, tablets, Mobile (IPad IPhone). This plugin adapts the screen size and changes its action accordingly.

DnnC Accordion category menu for NBStore

An accordion category menu for NB Store that keeps the state via cookies

DJ - jQuery WebControls for ASP.NET

jQuery Contorls for ASP.NET makes it easier for ASP.NET developer to using jQuery and jQuery ui in ASP.NET developing.It not only provides cool web controls for jQuery but also provides a ui lightweight framework to write jQuery plugin Server Controls super fast!


A jQuery accordion plugin responsive, flexible adaptative with plus minus signs unicode characters.


Responsive Tabs is a jQuery plugin that provides responsive tab functionality. The tabs transform to an accordion when it reaches a CSS breakpoint. You can use this plugin as a solution for displaying tabs elegantly on desktop, tablet and mobile.

a11yAccordion - An accessible and easy to use Accordeon widget.

An accessible and easy to use Accordion widget. An object which contains reference to JQuery elements: el - which contains DOM markup of the A11yAccordion, accordionItems, accordionHideAreas, headers.