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react-accessible-accordion - Accessible Accordion component for React

  •    Javascript

Try a demo now. We recommend that you copy them into your own app and modify them to suit your needs, particularly if you're using your own classNames.

react-svg-icon - Accessible SVG icon component for React

  •    Javascript

Accessible SVG icon component for React. Create your SVG sprite and inline them at the start of you HTML document. There's a nice tutorial on how to do this on CSS-Tricks.

boundless - ✨ accessible, battle-tested React components with infinite composability

  •    Javascript

Boundless currently supports IE10+ (needs a Promise polyfill) and all other modern browsers. The general idea of this library is to provide ready-to-go solutions for things you really wouldn't want to build yourself, not because they're hard... but because they're hard to design right. We are always open to suggestions and strive to keep Boundless as concise and useful as possible.