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dredd - Language-agnostic HTTP API Testing Framework

  •    Javascript

Dredd is a language-agnostic command-line tool for validating API description document against backend implementation of the API. Dredd reads your API description and step by step validates whether your API implementation replies with responses as they are described in the documentation.

CodeceptJS - Modern Era Acceptance Testing Framework for NodeJS

  •    Javascript

And more to come... CodeceptJS is a successor of Codeception, a popular full-stack testing framework for PHP. With CodeceptJS your scenario-driven functional and acceptance tests will be as simple and clean as they can be. You don't need to worry about asynchronous nature of NodeJS or about various APIs of Selenium, PhantomJS, Protractor, etc, as CodeceptJS unifies them and makes them work as they were synchronous.

abao - REST API automated testing tool based on RAML

  •    CoffeeScript

Abao is a command-line tool for testing API documentation written in RAML format against its back-end implementation. With Abao, you can easily plug your API documentation into a Continuous Integration (CI) system (e.g., Travis, Jenkins) and have API documentation up-to-date, all the time. Abao uses Mocha for judging if a particular API response is valid or not. This version of the software only supports the RAML-0.8 specification.

api-mock - Creates a mock server based on an API Blueprint

  •    HTML

This project is no longer under active development and we're looking for a new maintainer (or owner). Please open an issue if you are interested in helping out. API-Mock is a node.js npm module that generates a mock server (express) from your API specification. Document your API in the API blueprint format, and API-Mock mocks your routes and sends the responses defined in the api spec.

superbowleto - :football: A microservice to issue, register and manage boletos

  •    Javascript

In order to develop for this project you must have Docker and Docker Compose installed. To run the server, you will have to start the database and run the migrations.

serverless-artillery - Combine serverless with artillery and you get serverless-artillery for instant, cheap, and easy performance testing at scale

  •    Javascript

Combine serverless with artillery and you get serverless-artillery (a.k.a. serverless-artillery) for instant, cheap, and easy performance testing at scale. We were motivated to create this project in order to facilitate moving performance testing earlier and more frequently into our CI/CD pipelines such that the question wasn't 'whether...' but 'why wouldn't...' '...you automatically (acceptance and) perf test your system every time you check in?'.

autotester - Chrome extension that allows to develop and run automation tests right in browser

  •    Javascript

Autotester is Chrome extension that allows to develop and run automation tests right in browser. Tests are written in Javascript and can be executed over another tab of the same Chrome or any remote browser.Zero setup The setup is just drag-n-drop extension in chrome. No other stuff like Selenium, Node.js or Chromedriver is needed.

node-robotremoteserver - A node.js module providing the robot framework remote library interface

  •    Javascript

A node.js module providing the robot framework remote library interface. Also provide convenient remote library interface client. Just little example with main features. Test folder contains better extensive examples for more features.

dredd-transactions - Compiles a list of HTTP transactions (request-response pairs) from API description document

  •    Javascript

Dredd Transactions library compiles HTTP Transactions (simple Request-Response pairs) from API description document. Note: To better understand emphasized terms in this documentation, please refer to the Glossary of Terms. All data structures are described using the MSON format.


  •    Javascript

For now, you must build with the -DskipTests switch. We'll be able to change this once the Blue Ocean plugins are in the Update Center. Builds directly on the main Jenkins acceptance-test-harness, so running it works as per the instructions on the README.md there.

mocha-cakes - (inactive) BDD mocha test framework add-on, stories with Cucumber style Given/When/Then syntax for Node

  •    CoffeeScript

Gherkin-Cucumber syntax add-on for mocha javascript/node test framework for customer acceptance testing. Provides high-level/functional/acceptance test organization lingo, using 'Feature', Stories, 'Scenarios', 'Given/Then/When'.

Watai - Integration testing for the web of components

  •    Javascript

Watai (Web Application Testing Automation Infrastructure) is a declarative web integration testing framework. It is both a test runner engine and a set of architectural patterns that help front-end ops-conscious developers write maintainable and solid end-to-end tests. These tests automate web application navigation through actual browsers, checking whether such interactions present the expected information to the end users along the way, including through asynchronous operations.

kommando - A functional / acceptance test runner (using Webdriver)

  •    Javascript

kommando is a configurable cross browser functional / acceptance test launcher (using Webdriver). It helps you to get started writing functional cross browser tests using JavaScript without knowing details how to properly setup the various Webdriver servers locally, while still allowing to run your created tests on an existing Selenium Grid (including SauceLabs, BrowserStack or TestingBot).

node-websteps - End-to-end web testing on top of Chrome Debugging Protocol

  •    Javascript

Pure JavaScript except for Chrome itself. No Java-based Selenium or platform-specific binary chromedriver required. API described by the test.

rainbowdriver-server - Selenium driver for WinJS Metro apps via JsonWireProtocol.

  •    Javascript

RainbowDriver is an attempt to implement the Selenium JSON Wire Protocol for WinJS / Windows 8 applications (formerly known as Metro). The project is very early stages, but we plan to grow fast.

react-test-buffet - An all-you-can-eat buffet of React TDD

  •    Javascript

Running npm start will spin up a Docker container that will install the npm packages and start a Webpack dev server with hot reloading. Changes to the source code on the host will be reflected inside the container. Having the app in the container removes the need for devs to install Node and the npm packages on their machines. This in turn makes it very easy to get rid of problems where developers get out of sync with the Node version or have stale packages installed. If you need to stop/restart the container you can use npm stop. Given that you don't change the package.json file, the npm packages will be cached next time you start the container.

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