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GrowthBook - The Open Source A/B Testing Platform

  •    Typescript

Growth Book is an open source experimentation platform designed for companies that want to bring A/B testing in-house, but don't want to build it themselves. It supports experimentation with deep code integration or using a visual front-end editor.

siberi-android - A/B testing library for Android

  •    Java

Siberi makes it easy to start A/B testing for mobile Android applications.Compile the project and Siberi will generate an utility class for experiments.

expan - A Python library for statistical analysis of randomised control trials (A/B tests)

  •    HTML

A/B tests (a.k.a. Randomized Controlled Trials or Experiments) have been widely applied in different industries to optimize business processes and user experience. ExpAn (Experiment Analysis) is a Python library developed for the statistical analysis of such experiments and to standardise the data structures used.The data structures and functionality of ExpAn are generic such that they can be used by both data scientists optimizing a user interface and biologists running wet-lab experiments. The library is also standalone and can be imported and used from within other projects and from the command line.

mendel - Build toolchain for experimentation on isomorphic web applications with tree-inheritance and multivariate support

  •    Javascript

Mendel is a framework for building and serving client side JavaScript bundles for A/B testing experiments in web applications.It is meant to be simple and easy to use on a daily basis. It works very well for small applications and small teams, but also scale for complex use cases that large applications or larger teams might need.

evolutio - ab testing framework with automated code removing

  •    Javascript

Object Key-value object. Represend a config for current runtime or winners config for removing.

node-ab - A command tool to test the performance of HTTP services.

  •    Javascript

Automatically benchmarking the performance of HTTP services. Ab testing tool to check the performance of an HTTP service. 100 more GET request will be increased per second. It will not increase more request if there are more than 10 request not returned. It will stop when there are less than 99% request return successful.

cloudflare-edge-proxy - A Cloudflare worker script used to enable a/b testing, canary releasing, gatekeeping, and SEO a/b/n testing

  •    Javascript

A Cloudflare worker script used to enable a/b testing, canary releasing, gatekeeping, and SEO a/b/n testing. Canary releasing can be used to gradually shift traffic from one backend to another. It should ONLY be used with two backends, (unlike a/b/n testing), so that users do not get reassigned as the traffic percentage is increased. An example config is shown below. To assure consistent assignment, for visitors, the weight parameter should only be increased.

Optimize - Android library for displaying data based on JSON configuration fetched from server

  •    Java

Android library for displaying data based on JSON configuration fetched from server. With this library, you can kiss goodbye to string.xml, dimen.xml, arrays.xml. Keep all your string/integer/array config in one file. The library will automatically fetch the data from the url you provide. For example, in the sample app, you will see the url that I have given is https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/android-optimize/optimize.json This is used to fetch my data from the backend asynchrously and cache it in app. Everytime the app is opened the data is fetched and based on the whether the content is changed or not, the data is cached locally. Note: The library is implemented using the Work Manager API provided by Google.

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