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GrowthBook - The Open Source A/B Testing Platform

  •    Typescript

Growth Book is an open source experimentation platform designed for companies that want to bring A/B testing in-house, but don't want to build it themselves. It supports experimentation with deep code integration or using a visual front-end editor.

expan - A Python library for statistical analysis of randomised control trials (A/B tests)

  •    HTML

A/B tests (a.k.a. Randomized Controlled Trials or Experiments) have been widely applied in different industries to optimize business processes and user experience. ExpAn (Experiment Analysis) is a Python library developed for the statistical analysis of such experiments and to standardise the data structures used.The data structures and functionality of ExpAn are generic such that they can be used by both data scientists optimizing a user interface and biologists running wet-lab experiments. The library is also standalone and can be imported and used from within other projects and from the command line.

django-easy-split - Easy split testing for Django.

  •    Python

Stop guessing and start testing! With django-easy-split, you'll be able to scientifically prove which aspects of your site convert better than others. Works great for testing copy, designs, styles, layouts, assets, and even pricing and feature sets. With just a few simple template tags, you'll be able to generate detailed reports about how visitors respond to various experimental aspects of your site.

evolutio - ab testing framework with automated code removing

  •    Javascript

Object Key-value object. Represend a config for current runtime or winners config for removing.

node-ab - A command tool to test the performance of HTTP services.

  •    Javascript

Automatically benchmarking the performance of HTTP services. Ab testing tool to check the performance of an HTTP service. 100 more GET request will be increased per second. It will not increase more request if there are more than 10 request not returned. It will stop when there are less than 99% request return successful.

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