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Dependency Injection Service Provider (DISP)

Dependency Injection Service Provider (DISP) is a wrapper or an interface that aim to allow .NET developers use one of the inversion of control (IoC) containers out there such as StructureMap or Ninject from a high level of abstraction, using the same interface and classes wi...

Code-First Membership / Role Provider

Code-First Membership / Role Provider is built using C# and allows for drop-in type usage / abstraction unlike other code-fist options at the moment.

Reducing Coupling by Dynamic Loading of Assemblies

This proof of concept prototype is attached to an article that is published on the MSDN Architecture web site: [url:http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc984323.aspx] ------------------------------------------ Summary: This article’s foundation is a previous article that...

Software Abstraction Layer

The Context * It is easy to build a software application from scratch, it is harder and more expensive to maintain it. How do we build an application so we reduce the cost of the maintenance? * The complexity of any software system grows over time. How do we make so, althoug...

dosa - DOSA is a data object abstraction layer

⚠️ DOSA is BETA software. It is not recommended for production use. We will announce when it's ready.DOSA is a storage framework that provides a declarative object storage abstraction for applications in Golang and (eventually) Java. DOSA is designed to relieve common headaches developers face while building stateful, database-dependent services.