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split - :chart_with_upwards_trend: The Rack Based A/B testing framework

  •    Ruby

Split is a rack based A/B testing framework designed to work with Rails, Sinatra or any other rack based app. Split is heavily inspired by the Abingo and Vanity Rails A/B testing plugins and Resque in its use of Redis.

k8s-deployment-strategies - Kubernetes deployment strategies explained

  •    Go

In Kubernetes there is few different way to release an application, you have to carefully choose the right strategy to make your infrastructure resilient. These examples were created and tested on Minikube running with Kubernetes v1.10.0.

flagger - Istio and App Mesh progressive delivery Kubernetes operator

  •    Go

Flagger is a Kubernetes operator that automates the promotion of canary deployments using Istio or App Mesh routing for traffic shifting and Prometheus metrics for canary analysis. The canary analysis can be extended with webhooks for running acceptance tests, load tests or any other custom validation. Flagger implements a control loop that gradually shifts traffic to the canary while measuring key performance indicators like HTTP requests success rate, requests average duration and pods health. Based on analysis of the KPIs a canary is promoted or aborted, and the analysis result is published to Slack.

flagr - Flagr is a feature flagging, A/B testing and dynamic configuration microservice

  •    Go

Flagr is an open source Go service that delivers the right experience to the right entity and monitors the impact. It provides feature flags, experimentation (A/B testing), and dynamic configuration. It has clear swagger REST APIs for flags management and flag evaluation. Try it with Docker.

react-experiments - React components for implementing UI experiments

  •    Javascript

react-experiments is a set of React components for implementing UI experiments.react-experiments was built to work with PlanOut.js and most of its constructs are inspired by the structure of PlanOut.js. This library will work out of the box if you pass it an instantiated PlanOut Namespace or Experiment class, but if you want to use your own methods of assigning experiment parameters and logging exposure then you can extend the base experiment class and pass that as the experiment class prop.

study - A simple, progressive, client/server AB testing library 📚

  •    Javascript

A progressive, client/server AB testing library. Study is an AB testing library designed to be clear, minimal, and flexible. It works in both the server and browser with the use of driver-based persistence layers.

proctor - Proctor is a Java-based A/B testing framework.

  •    Java

Proctor is a A/B testing framework written in Java that enables data-driven product design at Indeed. Proctor consists of data-model, client specification, client loader, matrix builder, java code generator.

expan - A Python library for statistical analysis of randomised control trials (A/B tests)

  •    HTML

A/B tests (a.k.a. Randomized Controlled Trials or Experiments) have been widely applied in different industries to optimize business processes and user experience. ExpAn (Experiment Analysis) is a Python library developed for the statistical analysis of such experiments and to standardise the data structures used.The data structures and functionality of ExpAn are generic such that they can be used by both data scientists optimizing a user interface and biologists running wet-lab experiments. The library is also standalone and can be imported and used from within other projects and from the command line.

PlanOut.js - A JavaScript port of Facebook's PlanOut Experimentation Framework

  •    Javascript

PlanOut.js is a JavaScript-based implementation of PlanOut. It provides a complete implementation of the PlanOut native API framework and a PlanOut language interpreter.PlanOut.js is implemented in ES6 and can also be used with ES5. It can be integrated client-side as well as with server-side with node.js.

django-easy-split - Easy split testing for Django.

  •    Python

Stop guessing and start testing! With django-easy-split, you'll be able to scientifically prove which aspects of your site convert better than others. Works great for testing copy, designs, styles, layouts, assets, and even pricing and feature sets. With just a few simple template tags, you'll be able to generate detailed reports about how visitors respond to various experimental aspects of your site.

react-toggle-pattern - React Component that provide toggle pattern

  •    Javascript

react-toggle-pattern provide three components. Put <YourComponent /> into <TogglePattern />.

evolutio - ab testing framework with automated code removing

  •    Javascript

Object Key-value object. Represend a config for current runtime or winners config for removing.

wagtail-experiments - A/B testing for Wagtail

  •    Python

This module supports the creation of A/B testing experiments within a Wagtail site. Several alternative versions of a page are set up, and on visiting a designated control page, a user is presented with one of those variations, selected at random (using a simplified version of the PlanOut algorithm). The number of visitors receiving each variation is logged, along with the number that subsequently go on to complete the experiment by visiting a designated goal page. After installation, a new 'Experiments' item is added to the Wagtail admin menu under Settings. This is available to superusers and any other users with add/edit permissions on experiments. An experiment is created by specifying a control page and any number of alternative versions of that page, along with an optional goal page. Initially the experiment is in the 'draft' status and does not take effect on the site front-end; to begin the experiment, change the status to 'live'.

node-ab - A command tool to test the performance of HTTP services.

  •    Javascript

Automatically benchmarking the performance of HTTP services. Ab testing tool to check the performance of an HTTP service. 100 more GET request will be increased per second. It will not increase more request if there are more than 10 request not returned. It will stop when there are less than 99% request return successful.

react-ab-experiment - A/B Experiment React Component

  •    Javascript

The default behaviour is that a variant will be randomly chosen, within our react component, and rendered. When a user is enrolled into a variant it will call the onEnrolment callback which contains your code to report the enrolment to your ab-testing analytics program (eg: Google Analytics). The variant is not cached, so on a new page render and new variant will be chosen.

wineryjs - Winery.js: a framework for service experimentation

  •    TypeScript

Winery.js is a framework that enables services to run experiments along with production traffic in the same process. Besides A/B testing, it supports experimentation at per-request level, which minimizes turnaround time when code evolves fast. Winery.js also provides a structure for creating applications declaratively, with the access to Napa.js capabilities, such as multi-threading, pluggable logging, metric, and etc. Before this work was branched out as an open source project, it has been used in Bing to empower feature experiments for machine learned models. Winery.js was built based on the idea of dependency injection at multiple levels, thus its core is to encapsulate object creation and object retrieval behaviors with an overriding mechanism. White paper Continuous modification: a process to build constantly evolving services discussed this idea in details.

izanami - Izanami is a shared configuration, feature flipping and A/B testing server well-suited for micro-service architecture implementation

  •    Scala

Izanami is a shared configuration service well-suited for micro-service architecture implementation. In addition to shared configuration, Izanami provides feature flipping and A/B Testing. Izanami provides a UI to allow non-tech users to toggle features and to handle A/B testing. Izanami also provides first class integration. We provide Java, Scala, Node and React clients to integrate with your apps. We also provide webhook integration.

react-optimizely - React helpers for A/B testing with Optimizely

  •    Javascript

React helpers for A/B testing with Optimizely. Wraps a React component and injects props with information about an experiment and it's current variant.

test_track_rails_client - The Ruby on Rails client for TestTrack

  •    Ruby

This is the Rails client library for the TestTrack system. It provides server-side split-testing and feature-toggling through a simple API.

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