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merge-defaults - A recursive version of `_.defaults`.

  •    Javascript

Implements a deep version of _.defaults.This module DOES NOT merge arrays or dates.

ejs-loader - EJS (Underscore/LoDash Templates) loader for webpack

  •    Javascript

EJS (Underscore/LoDash Templates) loader for webpack. Uses lodash template function to compile templates. Underscore/Lodash options can be passed in using the querystring or adding an esjLoader options block to your configuration.

underscore.deferred - jQuery style Deferreds for Underscore

  •    Javascript

This is a port of jQuery.Deferred as an Underscore mixin, but it can be used without any depencencies. It currently matches the Deferred specifications and implementation from jQuery 1.8.0, with all the associated helpers. jQuery offers a robust, consistent and well documented API; this project aims to make it portable. jQuery added a handful of helper methods to their implementation of the Common.js Promises/A Spec and they're faithfully reproduced without any dependencies.