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Quasar - Remote Administration Tool for Windows

  •    CSharp

Quasar is a fast and light-weight remote administration tool coded in C#. The usage ranges from user support through day-to-day administrative work to employee monitoring. Providing high stability and an easy-to-use user interface, Quasar is the perfect remote administration solution for you.


  •    DotNet

WallpaperControl is a simple, intuitive and unobstrusive application that changes the Windows wallpaper automatically based on your settings.


  •    CSharp

a twitter client built with WPF Note: now supports oAuth.

Dark Neuron Game Engine

  •    CSharp

Dark Neuron allows you to easily create fun and interesting games with no need of developing basic game components. This engine is developed for C# programming language and XNA Game Studio.

XNA 4.0 UI System for Xbox 360 and Windows.

  •    CSharp

Easily create a polished UI for your XNA games.

MobSoul WPhone Toolkit


Controls: - (NEW) AnimatedTile - RepeatButton - NumericUpDown - GoToMarketPlaceControl Classes: - SaveLoadJPEGService.cs

Universal DLL

  •    VB

This DLL is meant to be a compilation of useful functions in user32.dll, the DWM APi and a few others. Currently, you can, in one line, extend the glass frame with Aero, close a window, move a window, handle movement by clicking anywhere on a form, and many other things.



Collect events from many computers in network in one place

Asianet Broadband Login Application For Windows


This application allow Asianet Broadband / DataLine users to automatically log in without using a browser and is totally hassle free.

GoAgent GUI

  •    CSharp

GoAgent???????GoAgent: https://code.google.com/p/goagent

Finestra Virtual Desktops


A virtual desktop manager made for Windows Vista and 7 using the new thumbnail APIs to create a live preview of all of your desktops. It also supports Windows XP. Organize all of your open windows with a full screen interactive virtual desktop preview.

Silverlight Window

  •    Silverlight

Silverlight Window helps you to simulate the WPF Window behavior in Microsoft Windows Explorer. It supports Drag&Drop, Resize, Maximize&Minimize and some other features. And you can design WallPaper, StartMenu, TaskBar, TrayArea for the "Explorer".

Dns Changer

  •    CSharp

DnsChanger makes if simple for users to change their DNS setting to use the various open DNS such as Google DNS, Open DNS and Fool DNS. It's developed in C#.

Run Windows Shell Commands

  •    WPF

This is a simple WPF Application that run Windows Shell commands like the well knonw "shell:sendto". Currently supported operating systems are Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.



SetDefaultAudioEndpoint (Set Default Audio Endpoint) allows users to set the default audio playback device using computer code. The solution opens the Sound Control Panel and uses the Microsoft UI Automation accessibility framework to make changes.

SharePoint Admin Dashboard


SharePoint Dashboard for admins. Allows lightening fast multiple server management. RDP doesn't scale. Manage 10 servers easier than 1 with incredible "Grid" scripts that put everything on one page.

md5sum - Command line based md5 hash calculator

  •    DotNet

Windows based command-line tool that mimics its GNU/Linux equivalent.

Application Scheduler

  •    WPF

Application Scheduler. A Tool for Windows. Runs a Program at specific time.

Windows Systems Monitoring Components


This project is meant to provide programmers with a set of reusable classes, gathered into one assembly, to develop custom system monitoring consoles for windows server systems. The base set provides classes with methods to check: - Network ping - HTTP server running - FTP se...

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