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Drupal allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website.

fail2ban - Daemon to ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors

Fail2Ban scans log files like /var/log/auth.log and bans IP addresses having too many failed login attempts. It does this by updating system firewall rules to reject new connections from those IP addresses, for a configurable amount of time. Fail2Ban comes out-of-the-box ready to read many standard log files, such as those for sshd and Apache, and is easy to configure to read any log file you choose, for any error you choose. Though Fail2Ban is able to reduce the rate of incorrect authentications attempts, it cannot eliminate the risk that weak authentication presents. Configure services to use only two factor or public/private authentication mechanisms if you really want to protect services.


libxml++ is a C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library.

trust - Travis CI and AppVeyor template to test your Rust crate on 5 architectures and publish binary releases of it for Linux, macOS and Windows

CI test your crate (library or binary) on Linux, macOS and Windows and on more than just the x86 architecture. Cargo artifacts are cached and reused between CI builds.


Kaffe is a clean room implementation of the Java virtual machine, plus the associated class libraries needed to provide a Java runtime environment.


ANPR MX is a simple Automatic Plate Recognition (ANPR) library for the North American average plate size based on C# and OpenCV.

spdx-license-list - List of SPDX licenses

The lists of licenses are just JSON files and can be used wherever.The licenses are indexed by their identifier and contains a name property with the full name of the license, url with the URL to the license, and osiApproved boolean for whether the license is OSI Approved.

pimd - The original PIM-SM multicast routing daemon.

pimd is a lightweight, stand-alone PIM-SM/SSM multicast routing daemon available under the free 3-clause BSD license. This is the restored original version from University of Southern California, by Ahmed Helmy, Rusty Eddy and Pavlin Ivanov Radoslavov. Today pimd is maintained at GitHub. Use its facilities to access the source, report bugs and feature requests, and send patches or pull requests. Official release tarballs at the homepage and at the GitHub proejct's release directory.

smcroute - Static multicast routing daemon for UNIX

SMCRoute is a UNIX/Linux tool to manage and monitor multicast routes. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 multicast routing. SMCRoute can be used as an alternative to dynamic multicast routers like mrouted or pimd in setups where static multicast routes should be maintained and/or no proper IGMP or MLD signaling exists.

freegrep - FreeGrep is a BSD-licensed implementation of grep(1)

The grep utility searches any given input files, selecting lines that match one or more patterns. By default, a pattern matches an input line if the regular expression in the pattern matches the input line without its trailing newline. An empty expression matches every line. Each input line that matches at least one of the patterns is written to the standard output. grep is used for simple patterns and basic regular expressions; egrep can handle extended regular expressions. fgrep is quicker than both grep and egrep, but can only handle fixed patterns (i.e. it does not interpret regular expressions). Patterns may consist of one or more lines, allowing any of the pattern lines to match a portion of the input. zgrep, zegrep, and zfgrep act like grep, egrep, and fgrep, respectively, but accept input files compressed with the compress or gzip compression utilities.

topydo - A powerful todo list application for the console, using the todo.txt format.

topydo is a powerful todo list application using the todo.txt format. Yet, topydo is fully todo.txt compliant. The text file can be processed by other todo.txt tools (but they may not interpret the tags properly).

4bsd-uucp - Simulate a UUCP network with 4.3BSD SimH images

This is a script and a set of template files which customises a generic 4.3BSD SimH disk image so that it acts as a uucp node and connects to other uucp nodes via TCP links. You will see the generic 4.3BSD SimH image, rq.dsk.gz. The buildimg script builds a tarball for each uucp system with the specific changes for that system.

tmux-cpu - Plug and play cpu percentage and icon indicator for Tmux.

Enables displaying CPU and GPU information in Tmux status-right and status-left. Configurable percentage and icon display. Hit prefix + I to fetch the plugin and source it.

libmodule - C library to easily create modular projects

Libmodule is a C library targeting linux aiming to let developers easily create modular C projects in a way which is both simple and elegant. You will write less code, focusing on what really matters. Please note that the library actually builds and works on macOS and BSD too. See Portability.