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magento2-henhed-piwik - Piwik Analytics Module for Magento 2

  •    PHP

Henhed_Piwik is a Piwik web analytics module for the Magento 2 eCommerce platform. Piwik is an extensible free/libre analytics tool that can be self-hosted, giving you complete data ownership. Henhed_Piwik lets you integrate Piwik with your Magento 2 store front. To install Henhed_Piwik, download and extract the master zip archive and move the extracted folder to app/code/Henhed/Piwik in your Magento 2 installation directory.

makebakery - A static website generator built on GNU Make.

  •    M4

Makebakery is a static website generator, implemented as a configuration for the build tool GNU Make. Static websites are those which require no database or server-side logic. This particular implementation, however, employs some GNU Make features to implement a modular plug-in system. The goal of this project is to make it easy for you to extend it to work with your own renderers, template engines, and source file formats.

akvo-flow - A data collection and monitoring tool that works anywhere.

  •    Java

Akvo Flow is a tool for collecting, evaluating and displaying of geographically referenced data. It is composed of an android mobile app and an online web-based platform. This repository contains code for the web-based platform that comprises a backend engine and a dashboard user interface. Alongside the dashboard and mobile apps, is a data import and export component. You can read more about the motivation and history of Akvo Flow as well as its place in the platform of tools created by Akvo.

place-atlas - The /r/place Atlas is a project aiming to catalog all the artworks created during Reddit's /r/place event

  •    Javascript

The /r/place Atlas is a project aiming to catalog all the artworks created during Reddit's /r/place event. This project was created by Ronald Rytz and is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. You can check out the website at by clicking here.

beeOS - an os for bees

  •    Rust

Well, have you ever wanted some computer which just prints the bee movie script? Now you have the possibility to.

tabby - A friendly tool to manage debt

  •    CSS

Tabby is a tool I made for myself due to lack of practical and unannoying tools to manage debt and remind people about it. Since existing solutions require accounts for people to even see how much you owe, or have other annoying requirements or missing features, I created Tabby with the idea that it would serve all of my needs and be as enjoyable for my debtors as possible (I was mostly just tired of reminding people to pay back their meals). While initially developing Tabby as mostly a quick little script, I somehow managed to develop it in full. So since it works surprisingly well and has a bunch of features, I ended up FOSSing it. It's something I very much believe in ideologically, and I think it might be useful to others. From time to time, I still add new features to Tabby to make it more convenient for me or if a friend (or a user on GitHub) requests a specific feature that also makes sense to me.

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