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kneden - Transpile ES2017 async/await to vanilla ES6 Promise chains: a Babel plugin

  •    Javascript

This project is currently unmaintained. If you want to take over, feel free to fork the repo. If such a fork gets maintained or contains useful improvements, I'd be willing to merge back and give repo+npm access.WARNING: Kneden is usable, but it's also not complete yet.

Windows Phone 7 Accelerometer Simulator Kit

  •    Silverlight

The Windows Phone 7 Accelerometer Simulator Kit helps developers test their Windows Phone 7 applications that use the accelerometer in the emulator. So if you don't have a Windows Phone or don't wan't to be constantly deploying your app to one, this is perfect for you!

counterfeit-monkey - Counterfeit Monkey by Emily Short

  •    Inform

Counterfeit Monkey is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. Note that this excludes the feelies (the posters); only the images which are complied into the gamefile are licensed. The feelies can be freely redistributed, but not modified.

Flexible-Survival - Flexible Survival is an Inform based text game.

  •    Inform

Flexible Survival, or FS for short, is a text-based RPG written in Inform 7. It is the largest project ever made in Inform, featuring hundreds of extensions, unique art, and a team of over 20 writers and coders. FS is an adult text RPG that focuses on themes of transformation and related topics. You can find just about any kind of fetish or kink in FS, featuring content like your standard furry creatures, to more intriguing and exotic transformations like foxes made of latex, or girls made entirely of goo! There are over 250 unique forms in Flexible Survival, and over 100 NPCs to interact with.

TrapQuest - Partially redacted public version of the source code for the indie adult roguelike game.

  •    Inform

Partially redacted public version of the source code for the indie adult roguelike game. Required is inform 6F95. (6M62 does not seem to work) maybe 6G60 also works but the source version of gnome-inform has build issues.

strangeloop2014 - Workshop materials for Intro to Inform 7

  •    Inform

Other resources: The "Inform 6 and 7 Development" board at intfiction.org/forum is a great place to receive friendly and often very quick answers to your code questions, and there are other boards for talking about game design and playing existing games. Note that the version of Inform we're using today is the latest release and the community is used to a leisurely pace between releases. Some of the above links may contain out-of-date information.

I7-2014-Spanish - Extensión hispana para Inform7

  •    Inform

Extensión hispana para Inform7

AIF - AIF Framework for Inform 7

  •    Inform

Support for writing Adult Interactive Fiction (AIF) using Inform 7. See https://informedaif.wordpress.com/framework/ for more information. Erotic Storytelling.i7x: Main extension, containing layered clothing model, erotic actions and support functions, with templates for easy implementation.