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Netduino Serial Monitor & NETMF Libraries

  •    DotNet

A Collection of NETMF Code, including Libraries for 4DSystems displays, a simple UI Engine and other libraries and test programs

Array Visualizer


A Visual studio (2010 and 11) extension for visualizing arrays in debug mode. Project includes the extension, WPF and WinForms controls along with sample projects.

4d-labyrinth - A 4-dimensional labyrinth

  •    Rust

The 4D Labyrinth is a simple game illustrating the 4-dimensional geometry. The player (represented by a yellow cube, which is actually a tesseract - a 4-dimensional analog of a cube) has to travel through a labyrinth of tunnels laid out in 4 dimensions and find the target, which is represented by a blue tesseract.

Unity3D-Hypersolids - ◻️ A Way To Create, Show, and Rotate 4D Objects in Unity 3D

  •    CSharp

This Project is to be able to create 4D Shapes in a simple way, and to impliment thes models in VR and make it controllable by control boards, and other Implimentation. To use this, take the project and copy it to your computer and then open one of the Unity scenes (in the assets/Scenes folder).