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Dgame - A 2D framework for the D programming Language

  •    D

Dgame is a 2D framework which is based on the SDL and OpenGL, and is designed for the D programming language. The design rests upon Pygame and as well on the SFML from the C++ programming language. Currently D has only few frameworks for games and window programming, and most of them are C/C++ bindings. Of those Derelict is probaly the most famous and provides support for multiple C/C++ libraries. Dgame also uses Derelict to access the functionality of the SDL and OpenGL. However, unlike the other bindings, Dgame is object-oriented (like the SFML) and is the only one which is completely written in D.

xygine - 2D engine / framework built around SFML

  •    C++

The next iteration of xygine.... 2D Game Engine Framework built around SFML. xygine implements a scene graph along with an Entity Component System. I use this as the starting point for new projects, as it evolves slowly over time. The source for xygine is released under the zlib license in the hope that it may be useful for other people - but offers no warranty that it is fit for any particular purpose, even those for which it was specifically written...