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  •    CSharp

This repository accompanies Artificial Intelligence for .NET: Speech, Language, and Search by Nishith Pathak (Apress, 2017). Download the files as a zip using the green button, or clone the repository to your machine using Git.

arrgo - This is a N dimension array package.

  •    Go

This is a N dimension array package.

talib - A Golang wrapper for TA-LIB

  •    C

Open ta-lib\c\ide\vs2013\dll_proj\talib.sln and Build. That's All.

gowi - Gui for golang, UI created by ResEdit

  •    Go

Gui for golang, UI created by ResEdit

goalgo - A real-time quantitative trading platform in Golang. 基于Go的量化交易平台

  •    Go

A real-time quantitative trading platform in Golang.

sc-redis - self contained redis-server

  •    Go

sc-redis (self contained or static container) is dependency free, with just the binary you will be able to spawn self contained redis-server instances. sc-redis uses libcontainer, the go library used as container backend in docker. A minimal redis-server image is built and packaged directly inside sc-redis binary with go-bindata. On start, sc-redis extract the image (rootfs), create a container with libcontainer and run redis-server in it.

ngx_http_l - nginx module "mostly" developed in Go

  •    Go

This is a work in progress. The goal is to develop a nginx plugin in Go (by making mandatory C code call Go code). This module will mimic what github made with nginx as described in this article. The container should be started with a defined DOMAIN environment variable. You can then access the api by using this URL api.$DOMAIN.

krgo - docker hub without docker

  •    Go

docker hub without docker. krgo is a command line tool to pull and push docker images from/to the docker hub. krgo brings the docker hub content and delivery capabilities to any container engine. docker is really popular and a lot of people and organisations are building docker images. These images are stored and shared on the docker hub. However they are only available to docker users. Metadata apart, a docker image is a linux root file system that can be used with any container engine (LXC, libcontainer nsinit, systemd-nspawn, rocket ...). Using krgo, non docker users would be able to pull and share linux images using the docker hub.

explore-nfc-board-driver - Driver for the Explore-NFC card by NXP for the Raspberry Pi (http://www

  •    C

Driver for the Explore-NFC card by NXP for the Raspberry Pi (http://www.nxp.com/demoboard/PNEV512R.html)

dock - Micro init system for linux containers

  •    Go

Micro init system for linux containers

dlrootfs - Download docker images from the docker hub to use them with other containers engine

  •    Go

The screenshot above is the resulting rootfs of dlrootfs ubuntu -g. We can clearly see the image is composed of 5 layers. layer(n)_* results from git checkout -b layer(n-1)_* with data from layer(n). It allows to use git to see diffs between layers, checkout a new branch, work on the rootfs with a container engine, review and commit changes, etc. It also opens the path for docker push without docker (coming soon).

coincoin - Blockchain based cryptocurrency proof-of-concept in Elixir. Feedback welcome

  •    Elixir

coincoin is a cryptocurrency proof-of-concept implemented in Elixir. It's an umbrella project that focuses on the 2 main components of (most of) the existing cryptocurrencies: the blockchain and digital transactions. It's goal is to be as simple as possible but complete enough to technically understand what's going on behind Bitcoin or Ethereum for example.

panorama - Panorama: Capturing and Enhancing In Situ System Observability for Failure Detection

  •    Go

This is the repository for the Panorama system described in our OSDI '18 paper. Panorama is written in Go. To use it, you must have the Go compiler installed. You can download the Go distribution from the official website. The code is tested with Go 1.8.

liballuxio - C++ APIs for Alluxio (formerly Tachyon)

  •    C++

The library currently supports Alluxio 1.2.0. If you are a maintainer, you need to first invoke the boostrap script to generate the necessary configure script.

dwms - Simple status generator for dwm.

  •    Go

Simple status generator for dwm.

skiplist-survey - A comparison of skip lists written in Go

  •    Go

Here is a brief summary of skip list packages available in Go that you may consider using after a quick Google/Github search. If you know of any others, please contact me so I can add them here. The results are in CSV format for easy charting and analysis.

RecipeFilter - Chrome extension that focuses recipes front and center on food blogs

  •    Javascript

Quick video tutorial video here if you want to see it in action. This Chrome browser extension helps cut through to the chase when browsing food blogs. It is born out of my frustration in having to scroll through a prolix life story before getting to the recipe card that I really want to check out.

python-hashes - Interesting (non-cryptographic) hashes implemented in pure Python.

  •    Python

Each hash is implemented as its own type extended from the base class hashtype. To install the latest version, you can either do easy_install python-hashes or pip install python-hashes. You may need to use sudo, depending on your environment.

fast-skiplist - A fast, threadsafe skip list in Go

  •    Go

As the basic building block of an in-memory data structure store, I needed an implementation of skip lists in Go. It needed to be easy to use and thread-safe while maintaining the properties of a classic skip list. There are several skip list implementations in Go. However, they all are implemented in slightly different ways with sparse optimizations and occasional shortcomings. Please see the skiplist-survey repo for a comparison of Go skip list implementations (including benchmarks).