hexo-theme-Wikitten - A theme of Hexo for Wiki seem like Wikitten style.

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hexo-theme-Wikitten kernel code base on icarus, so you can read base function document with icarus wiki. Note: This theme requires Hexo v3.6 or late.



hexo : ^3.6.0
hexo-autonofollow : ^1.0.1
hexo-directory-category : ^1.0.5
hexo-generator-archive : ^0.1.4
hexo-generator-category : ^0.1.3
hexo-generator-feed : ^1.2.2
hexo-generator-index : ^0.2.1
hexo-generator-json-content : ^3.0.1
hexo-generator-sitemap : ^1.2.0
hexo-generator-tag : ^0.2.0
hexo-renderer-ejs : ^0.3.1
hexo-renderer-marked : ^0.3.0
hexo-renderer-stylus : ^0.3.3



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