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Helps to release sources and applications in archives (excludes svn and other filtered in files), allows to design archive content. Scripting and ms build support presents. Generates name of archive.



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SharePoint : CodeTesterWebPart

This developer tool web part provides the ability to run .NET (C# or VB.NET) code snippets in Sharepoint's web context. Develop directly in Internet Explorer, don't wait for your solution to deploy and SharePoint to initialize anymore.

Bug Finder

A real Win32 extensible passive debugger

Deploy - Development tool for painless pushes to dev instances.

Development tool for painless pushes to dev instances. I have been realizing over the past few months that I lost a lot of time deploying code on servers. Since most of the time, projects are small, docker is not of interest. This tools aims at bringing the pain out of code transfer and service deploy/restarts. This tool will rely on ssh, git and supervisor.

Log2Console - A Generic Log Viewer (for Log4Net, NLog...)

Log2Console is a development tool offering a nice UI to display, filter and search log messages from different logging services: Log4Net, Log4j and NLog. It can directly receive log events locally or remotely, or read them from a log file... It is written with C#.


Please take a moment and fill out our <b> <a href= "" >Survey</a></b>, user interest and feedback allows us to continue working on this package.<br><br><b>Introduction</b> <br>The Toolbox for the Modeling and Analysis of Thermodynamic Systems (T-MATS) is a Simulink toolbox intended for use in the modeling and simulation of thermodynamic systems and their controls. T-MATS contains generic thermodyna

Wandering Developer Deploy Tools

The Wandering Developer Deploy Tools are a set of tools to help dotnet developers automate deployment. This is a useful toolkit if you wish to implement autoupdating in your application.

webdevstarterkit - Web Developer Starter Kit

- Learn data structures and algorithms. Data structures and algorithmsfor programmers are like notes and scales for a musician. Allprogramming is built around data structures and algorithms. Whethermaking the right choices when solving problems, will be determined byyour confidence in the basics. - **book: [Data Structures and Algorithms][data_struct]** - article: [Data Structures Succinctly: Part 1][datastructspart1]- Learn Unix tools. Unix's philosophy of building simple, small,modular t

LiveReload - Simple Javascript Script that refreshes a website as you make changes to the code base.

Most editors for web scripting (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.) are text based, and do not currently allow for monitoring “live” changes to your pages during development. This means each time a developer wants to see the changes they have recently made, they must save (Ctrl+S), then take their hands off the keyboard, and use the mouse to navigate to a browser that may or may not be open, select the browser, then refresh (or hit F5). Alternately, some IDEs will open additional tabs in the browser wi

dainty-theme - A simple theme for project documentation in Jekyll.

You'll need [Git][], [Jekyll][], [Node.J's][] and [Make][]. Once you've got allthat, you'll need to clone the repository: git clone git:// will create a `dainty-theme` folder in the current directory. To set up,you'll need to run `npm install`: cd dainty-theme npm installThis will download and setup all the development tools (aside from Jekyll).If you want to make changes to the CSS, run the following command and changethe `stylus/*.styl` files


Regsvr64 is a developer tool that simplifies registration of COM DLLs across platforms. The tool will identify the bitness of a DLL file and register it correctly. If the tool is on a 32-bit system and a 64-bit DLL is passed, it is simply ignored. Works on Windows XP or ...

DropboxBusinessAdminTool - Power User tool to assist Dropbox Business Administrators in managing their Dropbox team

The Admin toolkit is a showcase of the Dropbox Business and Dropbox Core API's. It should be seen as an example of what is possible rather than an end to end solution (frankly it only scratches the surface of API capabilities). If you are a Dropbox Business or Enterprise customer please talk to your Dropbox representative about ideas for custom solutions for your Dropbox team. The custom solution development team are able to assist with advisory or full solution work to help you leverage Dropbox as a platform in your business.All code within this folder is covered by the Apache License as described in LICENSE.txt.

SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard Visualizer

SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard Visualizer is a jQuery-based solution that extends the Developer Dashboard by plotting an interactive diagram with data from the Developer Dashboard, giving you an **instant** insight into where the bottlenecks are in your code.

Sharepoint Smart Library and List Filter Search

Sharepoint!! Huge Folder Library Navigation a problem !!! Sharepoint Filtering does not filter Folders or filenames !!! Is paging getting on your nerve to get to the last folder or list item in Sharepoint !!! No Problem, I have the right solution for you here…

Tools for SLN file (Visual Studio Solution file)

'Tools for SLN File' make it easier for developers to compare, merge or filter the ".sln" files generated by Visual Studio. It's developed in C#.

git-solarized-chrome-devtools - Solarized light for your chrome dev tools.

1. `git clone` to some location1. Open chrome, and navigate to `chrome://flags/`1. Search for 'Enable Developer Tools experiments', and click 'Enable'1. Restart chrome1. Go to developer settings (CMD+ALT+I on Mac)1. Click the settings icon (a small cog)1. Click 'experiments', and then enable 'Allow Custom UI Themes'1. Navigate to `chrome://extensions/`1. Click 'Developer Mode' at the top right1. Click 'Load unpackaged extensions' and sele

Developer Resources console dev tools

The Developer Resources Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo development tools and libraries In 1992 I (Kevin Seghetti) and some friends had a company (Developer Resources) which provided development tools for the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo console

bitballoon-ruby - Ruby API client for BitBalloon

end```Redeploy a site from a dir:```rubysite = bitballoon.sites.get(site_id)deploy = site.deploys.create(:dir => "/tmp/my-site")deploy.wait_for_ready```Redeploy a site from a zip file:```rubysite = bitballoon.sites.get(site_id)deploy = site.deploys.create(:zip => "/tmp/")deploy.wait_for_ready```Update the name of the site (its subdomain), the custom domain and the notification email for form submissions:```ruby site.update(:name => "my-site", :custom_domain => "", :n

Share InfoPath Forms - WSP Solution Deployment and Manage Forms in SharePoint

Share InfoPath Forms Tool helps make those rigid InfoPath forms sharable in SharePoint. Deployment of InfoPath Forms was never an easy task. Unlike the traditional approach of installing as a form template using stsadm commands, this tool packages delivers a WSP easing deployment

WebFEET - Web Filter External Enumeration Tool (WebFEET)

The techniques used can help enumerate: * Products or services used, sometimes with versions * Detailed web filtering policy enumeration (and associated flaws in the policy and/or product/service capability) This tool works in a drive-by way, using JavaScript to enumerate products and policy. It populates the DOM with the results, and POSTs the DOM back to the server for further analysis. Further documented notes are available inline with the results page. ==== Current stable Beta version: