RxEasyHttp - 本库是一款基于RxJava2+Retrofit2实现简单易用的网络请求框架,结合android平台特性的网络封装库,采用api链式调用一点到底,集成cookie管理,多种缓存模式,极简https配置,上传下载进度显示,请求错误自动重试,请求携带token、时间戳、签名sign动态配置,自动登录成功后请求重发功能,3种层次的参数设置默认全局局部,默认标准ApiResult同时可以支持自定义的数据结构,已经能满足现在的大部分网络请求。

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RetrofitCache - RetrofitCache让retrofit2+okhttp3+rxjava配置缓存如此简单。通过注解配置,可以针对每一个接口灵活配置缓存策略;同时让每一个接口方便支持数据模拟,可以代码减小侵入性,模拟数据可以从内存,Assets,url轻松获取。

  •    Java


JBusDriver - 这是去幼儿园的班车(滑稽

  •    Kotlin

2.采用流行的 kotlin+mvp+rxjava2+retrofit2+okhttp3 搭建. 3.尽情使用,有相关bug,问题或者好的需求可以issues,同样欢迎pull request.

Idaily - 使用data binding , dagger2 , retrofit2和rxjava实现的,基于MVVM的知乎日报APP。

  •    Java

使用data binding , dagger2 , retrofit2和rxjava实现的,基于MVVM的知乎日报APP。

S-MVP - 🔥🔥优化版MVP,使用注解泛型简化代码编写,使用模块化协议方便维护,APT过程使用注解解析器利用JavaPoet🌝完成重复模块的编写,利用ASpect+GradlePlugin 完成横向AOP编程+Javassist动态字节码注入+Tinker实现热修复+Retrofit实现优雅网络操作+RxJava轻松玩转数据处理

  •    Java

🔥🔥优化版MVP,使用注解泛型简化代码编写,使用模块化协议方便维护,APT过程使用注解解析器利用JavaPoet🌝完成重复模块的编写,利用ASpect+GradlePlugin 完成横向AOP编程+Javassist动态字节码注入+Tinker实现热修复+Retrofit实现优雅网络操作+RxJava轻松玩转数据处理

RxVolley - RxVolley = Volley + RxJava(RxJava2.0) + OkHttp(OkHttp3)

  •    Java

RxVolley is modified Volley. Removed the HttpClient, and support RxJava. Builder pattern to create objects.

retrofit2-rxjava2-adapter - An RxJava 2 CallAdapter.Factory implementation for Retrofit 2.


An RxJava 2 CallAdapter.Factory implementation for Retrofit 2.

Posts - A sample Android app using Kotlin, Dagger 2, RxJava, RxAndroid, Retrofit and Android Architecture Components with a modular setup & effective networking

  •    Kotlin

A sample app to demonstrate the building of a good, modular and scalable Android app using Kotlin, Android Architecture Components (LiveData, ViewModel & Room), Dagger, RxJava and RxAndroid among others. Effective Networking - Using a combination of Retrofit, Rx, Room and LiveData, we are able to handle networking in the most effective way.

GankClient-Kotlin - gank

  •    Kotlin

gank.io kotlin实现的干货集中营Android客户端 Kotlin Dagger Databinding Rxjava Retrofit Okhttp3

RxKotlin - RxJava bindings for Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

RxKotlin is a lightweight library that adds convenient extension functions to RxJava. You can use RxJava with Kotlin out-of-the-box, but Kotlin has language features (such as extension functions) that can streamline usage of RxJava even more. RxKotlin aims to conservatively collect these conveniences in one centralized library, and standardize conventions for using RxJava with Kotlin.Chapter 12 of Learning RxJava covers RxKotlin and Kotlin idioms with RxJava.

RxJavaDemoApp - This repository contains 100+ examples using RxJava for Android

  •    Java

This repository is intended to provide in a single place (i.e. a single Android app) over than 100 examples of RxJava for Android which you can use as a reference when dealing with RxJava. Some examples were already covered into details in one of the articles of our RxJava series (you can find the links below), while some other were based on external articles, so you can go directly to those articles and see the the authors' explanations.

RxRiddles - Riddling your way to master RxJava

  •    Kotlin

This repository contains some riddles for RxJava to help you learn and master RxJava. There is an accompanying medium article that gives some more information. Each riddle is in a single file with an accompanying unit test that will check your implementation. Next to the unit test, I have also put up my solution. Note that there are multiple ways to achieve and solve the riddles but usually there's a dedicated operator or function that I want to show you.

effective-rxjava - Effective RxJava


This is a collection of items, each specifying one general rule, to help you write RxJava code more effectively. It is modeled after two of my favorite technical books, Effective C++ and Effective Java. I appreciate not only the soundness of their contents, but the brevity of their writing style. I hope that Effective RxJava has the same value proposition. For each rule I've attempted to provide relevant example code -- most of which is currently in production in the Khan Academy Android app.

rex-weather - RexWeather - A sample Android project demonstrating the use of Retrofit and RxJava to interact with web services

  •    Java

RexWeather is a sample Android Studio project demonstrating the use of Retrofit and RxJava to interact with web services. Link to the blog post. Retrofit is a REST client for Android and Java. It allows you to turn a REST API into a Java interface by using annotations to describe the HTTP requests. It can then generate an implementation of the interface for you. This means that you can go from GET /users/{userId}/posts to webService.fetchUserPosts(userId) in a few lines of code. Retrofit is very easy to use and it integrates well with RxJava.