BotW-aampTool - converts aamp botw format into xml and back

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converts aamp botw format into xml and back



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  •    AutoIt

AAMP- Advanced AutoIt Media Player Media player made using AutoIt V3 and BASS.dll. Features a Web Control system, skinnable interface, localization, and much more.

aamp;a light tcl script for eggdrop

  •    Perl

aamp;a light script for eggdrop amp; windrop @ amp;

solarus - This repository was moved to GitLab:

  •    C++

Solarus is an open-source Zelda-like 2D game engine written in C++. It can run games scripted in Lua. This engine is used by our Zelda fangames. Solarus is licensed under GPL v3. Zelda Mystery of Solarus DX, our first and main creation, release in 2011.

The Modding Table

  •    Java

The Modding table is a free software by CraftYourMod, to craft easily your own Minecraft mod without writing a line of code. Just configure your mod, add blocks/items, export it, compile it and run it ! The Modding table is also Cross Platform, so you can run on every recent OSes. There is also a WYSIWYG crafting recipe editor.

solarus - A Zelda-like 2D game engine

  •    C++

A Zelda-like 2D game engine

The Legend Of Zelda 64: The Beta Remade


The Legend of Zelda 64: The Beta Remade is a remake of the original Ocarina of Time Beta. It is based as much as possible off of the information available online.

The Dirty South, inspired by Zelda

  •    C++

A 2D top-down adventure / RPG inspired by Zelda.

Open Zelda

  •    C++

Classic Edition of Open Zelda, a 2D game creation software. This project has been superseded by the Modern Edition, but recently the Player had DirectX code replace with SDL 1.2 and changes are still welcome. [Linux] [OS X]

cheat-engine - Cheat Engine. A development environment focused on modding

  •    Pascal

Cheat Engine. A development environment focused on modding games and applications for personal use. Run Lazarus and click on Project->Open Project. Select cheatengine.lpi from the Cheat Engine folder as the project.

Project Kilo


Sony has Final Fantasy. Microsoft has Fable. Nintendo has Zelda. But were is Linux's killer RPG? Get ready for a RPG gaming experience on Linux that can't be found anywhere else.

Chaos Worlds: The MMORPG

  •    Basic

A 2D, Zelda-Style MMORPG made using the XtremeWorlds Engine. Because of the constant updating of this project, posting the source is impractical. Email us at: for a copy of the source. Visit the engine website at:

Adventure Game Biege

  •    Java

A completed Zelda old school SNES style single player and multiplayer adventure game in Java . It stars a dwarven warrior on a quest to collect crystals for his king. A skillfull lizard ranger joins him in mulitplayer mode.

Pit of Despair


An XNA 4.0 game in C# focused on learning to write overhead dungeon crawl games. Inpired from games such as Zelda, Wizardy, perhaps some original Final Fantasy.

ZeldaClassic Quest File Reader

  •    Python

A tileset extractor and map generator for Zelda Classic unencoded quest (.qsu) files. Written in Python.


  •    C++

Importer/Exporter plugins for Gothic modding with 3ds max, gmax, Blender, Cinema 4D.


  •    C++

The KOTOR ToolSet project aims to develop a set of GUI tools for modding the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series video games, based on open file format specifications by BioWare.

FTE QuakeWorld

  •    C

FTE QuakeWorld is a QuakeWorld derivative which mainly focuses on modding and additional features for both users and servers. Supports NetQuake gamecode and protocol, Hexen 2/Quake 2/Quake 3 maps and models, many QuakeC builtin extensions, and more.

Empire: Total War modding tools


A GUI application for managing Empire: Total War pack files. Features: * adding, deleting, extracting, and replacing of files * changing between different pack types (boot/release/patch/movie)

Civ4 Unofficial Patch

  •    C++

This project provides unofficial fixes to Firaxis's Civilization IV games. The initial version will be for the latest 3.19 patch to the Beyond the Sword expansion pack. It will provide a good starting point for anyone wishing to learn SDK modding.


  •    CSharp

Project Ch2r. A common Halo 2 reverse-engineering project. Open Source Halo 2 Editor for doing all the things you need for modding your maps. Extracting/viewing meta, swapping items, viewing/swapping dependencies, extracting bitmaps, ...