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Related Projects

Managed Meizu SDK Wrapper ??SDK????

  •    DotNet

The project provides an opensource managed wrapper for SDK of Meizu cell phones, currently for M8. With the help of this library, applications for Meizu cell phones can be developed with .NET languages such as C# and VB.NET. ?????????????(???M8)????????????????C# VB?.NET???????

LocationManager - Easily get the device's current location on iOS.

  •    Objective-C

INTULocationManager makes it easy to get the device's current location and heading on iOS. It is an Objective-C library that also works great in Swift. INTULocationManager provides a block-based asynchronous API to request the current location, either once or continuously. It internally manages multiple simultaneous location and heading requests, and each one-time location request can specify its own desired accuracy level and timeout duration. INTULocationManager automatically starts location services when the first request comes in and stops location services as soon as all requests have been completed, all the while dynamically managing the power consumed by location services to reduce impact on battery life.

SwiftLocation - Easy & Efficient Location Tracker for iOS

  •    Swift

SwiftLocation is a lightweight library to work with location tracking in iOS. Stop struggling with CoreLocation services settings and delegate, try now a new simple and effective way to play with location. It provides a block based asynchronous API to request current location, either once (oneshot) or continously (subscription). It internally manages multiple simultaneous location and heading requests and efficently manage battery usage of the host device based upon running requests.

ShimmerLayout - Memory efficient shimmering effect for Android applications by Supercharge.

  •    Java

When it comes to performance, ShimmerLayout is the best option available. Not only can you achieve high frame rate even in RecyclerViews, but it also animates views with insignificant memory footprint. I conducted a benchmark to compare memory usages between different shimmer implementations. The test device I used is a HTC M8 phone. For the animations the sample application was used.

nscala-time - A new Scala wrapper for Joda Time based on scala-time

  •    Scala

A new Scala wrapper for Joda Time. This project forked from scala-time since it seems that scala-time is no longer maintained. Binaries compiled with Scala 2.11.0-M8 are included.

FCCurrentLocationGeocoder - iOS Geocoder for forward geocode and reverse geocode user's current location using a block-based syntax

  •    Objective-C

iOS Geocoder on top of LocationManager and CLGeocoder for forward geocode and reverse geocode user's current location using a block-based syntax. It can also be used to geocode the user's approximate location (always country, almost always city) without asking for permission (using a free GeoIP service).


  •    Java

Samples that use Location APIs to help you make your applications location aware. Basic Location Sample (Java, Kotlin): Retrieve the last known location for a device.

RxLocation - 🗺 Reactive Location APIs Library for Android and RxJava 2

  •    Java

This library wraps the Location APIs in RxJava 2 Observables, Singles, Maybes and Completables. No more managing GoogleApiClients! Also, the resolution of the location settings check is optionally handled by the lib. For RxJava 1, please take a look at the Android-ReactiveLocation library by Michał Charmas.

LocationManager - Simplify getting user's location for Android

  •    Java

To get location on Android Devices, there are 'some' steps you need to go through! What are those? Let's see... All of these steps, just to retrieve user's current location. And in every application, you need to reconsider what you did and what you need to add for this time.

cwac-locpoll - CWAC Location Poller: Finding Your Location Periodically

  •    Java

CWAC Location Poller: Finding Your Location Periodically

Spatial Solr Plugin for Lucene and Solr

  •    Java

With the continuous efforts of adjusting search results to focused target audieces, there's an increasing demand for incorporating geographical location information into the standard search functionality. Spatial Solr Plugin (SSP) is a free, standalone plug-in which enables Geo / Location Based Search, and is built on top of the open source projects Apache Solr and Apache Lucene.

cordova-plugin-geolocation - Mirror of Apache Cordova Plugin geolocation

  •    Javascript

This plugin provides information about the device's location, such as latitude and longitude.Common sources of location information include Global Positioning System (GPS) and location inferred from network signals such as IP address, RFID, WiFi and Bluetooth MAC addresses, and GSM/CDMA cell IDs. There is no guarantee that the API returns the device's actual location.

Walkable-App - Walkable-App is an open source application that shows location based points of interest, based on your current location

  •    Javascript

Walkable Restaurants provides you with an easy way to find a bite to eat or refreshing drink anywhere in the US. Either select a type of cuisine, or enter a search phrase, and the Walkable Restaurants app will find destinations that are nearby. Only destinations near your current location will be returned in your search result. If we are able to calculate travel times based upon walking and train schedules, then we will only return destinations within a 20-minute walk. If we are not able to calculate walk time, only destinations within 2.5 miles of your current location will be displayed. All walking/travel time distance calculations are obtained through Travel Time, by Igeolise. This service calcualtes travel time between geographic locations based upon walking, driving, and mass transit systems.

react-native-location - React Native plug-in that provides GPS location information

  •    Objective-C

Native GPS location support for React Native. Three installation methods are provided here for compatibility and ease of use. All of them require installing the package using NPM. However, you can install the iOS specific bits using one of three methods: RNPM, React-Native Link (only v0.28), or manual linking in XCode.

smart-location-lib - Android library project that lets you manage the location updates to be as painless as possible

  •    Java

Android library project that intends to simplify the usage of location providers and activity recognition with a nice fluid API. If you got any problem compiling, please check the Common Issues section at the bottom of this document.

location-history-visualizer - Visualize your Google Location History using an interactive heatmap

  •    Javascript

A tool for visualizing your complete, consolidated, collected Google Location History. It works directly in your web browser – no software to download, no packages to install. Everyone deserves to know what data is being collected about them, without having to fiddle with cryptic pieces of software.

flutterlocation - A Flutter plugin to easily handle realtime location in iOS and Android

  •    Java

This plugin for Flutter handles getting location on Android and iOS. It also provides callbacks when location is changed. To get location updates even your app is closed, you can see this wiki post.

Detect User Geo location


Detect site visitor geo location Detect geo location of the site visitors by html5 geolocation (first) or ipinfodb.com(second choice).

Crystal Reports Location Setter


Lightweight utility to change connection information on one or more Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports Location Setter can also perform the "Verify database" operation on one or more reports. Reports are saved in CR 10.5 format