pyswip - PySWIP is a Python - SWI-Prolog bridge enabling to query SWI-Prolog in your Python programs

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See the CHANGELOG. This library is being cleaned up and refactored. Expect API breakage and incompatibility with previous versions.



Related Projects

swish - SWI-Prolog for SHaring: a SWI-Prolog web IDE

  •    Prolog

SWISH can be used to access SWI-Prolog at the address below. We try to keep this server continuously online. You can use these servers for playing, courses or sharing and discussing ideas. We have not yet dealt with scalable hosting nor with really reliable and scalable storage for saved programs. We hope to keep all your programs online for at least multiple years.

Prolog Development Tools (ProDT)

  •    Java

ProDT is a Prolog Integrated Development Environment (IDE) aiming to be as rich in functionality as the Eclipse's java IDE, and to support any standard Prolog implementation. Currently is being supported SWI Prolog, B-Prolog and XSB Prolog

INFeReNCZy - Expert System Framework

  •    Perl

Lightweigh framework to create expert systems, written in Perl. INFeReNCZy is an approach to Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Base Systems. With only a few simple perl modules, INFeReNCZy gives the oportunity to develop and run rulesets.

PESS - Prolog Expert System Shell


The Prolog Expert System Shell (PESS) is a software that generates ES using basically two components: Knowledge Base, used by the ES to guide its decisions making, and Inference Machine, cable of collection the rules and generating new facts.


  •    C

STaPLe is a library for interconnecting VisualWorks Smalltalk and SWI-Prolog. The library will allow Smalltalk program\'s to evaluate Prolog logic queries, these queries in turn will be able to interact with the objects in the Smalltalk imag

marelle - Test-driven system administration with a little extra logic.

  •    Prolog

Test-driven system administration in SWI-Prolog, in the style of Babushka. Marelle uses logic programming to describe system targets and rules by which these targets can be met. Prolog's built-in search mechanism makes writing and using these dependencies elegant. Anecdotally, writing deps for Marelle has the feel of teaching it about types of packages, rather than the feel of writing package templates.

opencog - A framework for integrated Artificial Intelligence & Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

  •    Scheme

OpenCog is a framework for developing AI systems, especially appropriate for integrative multi-algorithm systems, and artificial general intelligence systems. Though much work remains to be done, it currently contains a functional core framework, and a number of cognitive agents at varying levels of completion, some already displaying interesting and useful functionalities alone and in combination. With the exception of MOSES and the CogServer, all of the above are in active development, are half-baked, poorly documented, mis-designed, subject to experimentation, and generally in need of love an attention. This is where experimentation and integration are taking place, and, like any laboratory, things are a bit fluid and chaotic.

the-power-of-prolog - Introduction to modern Prolog

  •    HTML

Prolog is a programming language that is rooted in formal logic. It supports backtracking and unification as built-in features. Prolog allows us to elegantly solve many tasks with short and general programs. The goal of this material is to bridge the gap between the great traditional Prolog textbooks of the past and the language as it currently is, several decades after these books were written. You will see that many limitations of the past are no longer relevant, while several new constructs are now of great importance even though they are not yet covered in any available Prolog book.

OpenCog - Framework to build Artificial Intelligence Programs

  •    C++

The OpenCog Framework is a platform to build and share artificial intelligence programs. It includes components for procedural and declarative knowledge representation (AtomSpace), task scheduling (CogServer), AI algorithm containers (MindAgents), connectors to instant messaging and virtual world systems, and other components. MindAgents and other add-ons explore a wide variety of AI techniques including evolutionary program learning (MOSES), natural language processing, and others.

VS Prolog 2010

  •    CSharp

VSProlog is a Visual Studio 2010 extension that allows coloring the prolog code. I use Prolog with Visual Studio and I was tired of having Visual Studio beheaving just like notepad, thus, this extension.

Yield Prolog - Embed Prolog in your code

  •    Javascript

Embed Prolog directly in your Python, C# or Javascript program using the yield keyword. There is no API standing between your code and Yield Prolog, so you can use all language features, including arrays, file I/O, user interaction and your own classes.

golog - Prolog interpreter in Go

  •    Go

Prolog interpreter in Go with aspirations to be ISO compatible. See the full package documentation for usage details. The long term goal is to make Golog fully compliant with ISO Prolog. It currently supports a subset of ISO Prolog. Any deviations from the standard are bugs. Please report issues to help Golog improve.


  •    C

A Python extension embedding SWI-Prolog.

pwig wrapper and interface generator

  •    C

PWIG is a SWIG extension that allows new language modules to be developed on Python. Includes a PWIG wrapper generator for SWI-Prolog and Logtalk.


  •    C

SWI-Prolog interface to ImageMagick graphics processing library

swipl-devel - Main development repository

  •    C

Please find the up-to-date information on SWI-Prolog at Documentation is available from several locations and in several formats.


  •    C++

Project in Artificial Intelligence Research. PAIR is a dynamic project of great proportions. We wish to, in general teach the legion of curious programmers the thrill and wonder of creating artificial intelligence systems.

BotSharp - The Open Source AI Chatbot Platform Builder in 100% C# Running in

  •    CSharp

BotSharp is an open source machine learning framework for AI Bot platform builder. This project involves natural language understanding, computer vision and audio processing technologies, and aims to promote the development and application of intelligent robot assistants in information systems. Out-of-the-box machine learning algorithms allow ordinary programmers to develop artificial intelligence applications faster and easier. It's witten in C# running on .Net Core that is full cross-platform framework. C# is a enterprise grade programming language which is widely used to code business logic in information management related system. More friendly to corporate developers. BotSharp adopts machine learning algrithm in C# directly. That will facilitate the feature of the typed language C#, and be more easier when refactoring code in system scope.

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