vant-demo - Collection of vant demos.

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Collection of vant demos.


vant : ^1.2.0
vue : ^2.5.17
vue-router : ^3.0.1



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vant - Lightweight Mobile UI Components built on Vue

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Then you can import components from vant, equivalent to import manually below. If you configured babel-plugin-import, you won't be allowed to import all components.

vant-weapp - 轻量、可靠的小程序 UI 组件库

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轻量、可靠的小程序 UI 组件库

HiApp - A simple and interesting hybrid app. React Native version: Demo:

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A simple and interesting Framework7 hybrid app.With Cordova you can easily convert it to native iOS app. Unlike Cordova, React Native provides bindings for native UI controls which totally outclass HTML-based hybrid solutions. so it is simple to write high-performance UI by React Native.

mand-mobile - 💰 A mobile UI toolkit, based on Vue.js 2, designed for financial scenarios.

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A mobile UI toolkit, based on Vue.js 2, designed for financial scenarios. New project can be initialized and integrated with mand-mobile by vue-cli-2 with mand-mobile-template.

mint-ui - Mobile UI elements for Vue.js

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Mint UI is a Mobile UI elements for Vue.js. Mint UI provides abundant CSS and JS components for building mobile applications. With it, you can create web pages in cohesive style ever faster. It loads on demand. Importing components and their style sheets only when needed truly liberates you from excessive file sizes.

vui - A UI framework for mobile, built with Vue.

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UI framework for mobile built with vue.

eleme - vue2 +vue-router2 + es6 +webpack 高仿饿了么app商家详情,demo:http://yangyi1024

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vue2 +vue-router2 + es6 +webpack 高仿饿了么app商家详情,demo: 还有我最新的实战项目,点它=》

mobile-angular-ui - Angular.js Mobile UI Framework with Bootstrap 3

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Mobile Angular UI is an HTML5 mobile UI framework that will let you use Angular Js and Bootstrap 3 for mobile app development. Getting Started, Demo, Docs at

vue2.0-demo - A simple Vue.js spa using vue-material

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This is a simple vuejs demo built by vue-cli webpack-simple template. You'd better open it in mobile mode of browser or just view in your mobilephone by scanning the qrcode below.

zent - A collection of essential UI components written with React.

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Zent ( \ˈzent\ ), a collection of essential UI components written with React. Zent ( \ˈzent\ ) is a React component library developed and used at Youzan. Zent provides a collection of essential UI components and lots of useful domain specific components.

Metro-UI-CSS - Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the first front-end component library in Metro Style

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Metro 4 is an MIT-licensed open source project. It's an independent project with its ongoing development made possible entirely thanks to the support by these awesome Backers. Documentation and Demo for v4: or