elastalert - Easy & Flexible Alerting With ElasticSearch

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ElastAlert is a simple framework for alerting on anomalies, spikes, or other patterns of interest from data in Elasticsearch. ElastAlert works with all versions of Elasticsearch. If you have data being written into Elasticsearch in near real time and want to be alerted when that data matches certain patterns, ElastAlert is the tool for you. If you can see it in Kibana, ElastAlert can alert on it.




Related Projects

Search Guard - Rock solid Elasticsearch security on all levels

Search Guard is an Elasticsearch plugin that offers encryption, authentication, and authorization. It builds on Search Guard SSL and provides pluggable authentication and authorization modules in addition. Search Guard is fully compatible with Kibana, Logstash and Beats.

ReadonlyREST - The first Open Source Security plugin for Elasticsearch

Expose the high performance HTTP server embedded in Elasticsearch directly to the public, safely blocking any attempt to delete or modify your data. It provides support to enable HTTPS, Authentication and Authorization, Access control list, Rule based access and lot more. This plugin instead is just a lightweight pure-Java filtering layer. Even the SSL layer is provided as an extra Netty transport handler.

elasticsearch-index-window - An Elasticsearch plugin that enables you to keep only the N latest indices

An Elasticsearch plugin that enables you to keep an eye on timestamped indices and only keep the N latest ones.elasticsearch-index-window plugin adds an end-point to elasticsearch REST API that facilitates creating, updating and deleting index-windows. The created index-windows live as long as Elasticsearch node is running. It also gets re-activated if the node gets restarted. The plugin writes the index-window configuration to an Elasticsearch index called "index-window", and during the node startup loads the stored configurations back and activates them. Therefore the index-window needs to be defined only once, and it will be persistent.

Bigdesk - Live charts and statistics for Elasticsearch cluster.

Bigdesk helps to generate live charts and statistics for Elasticsearch cluster. It very easy to see how your Elasticsearch cluster is doing. It pulls data from Elasticsearch REST API and turns it into charts.

elasticsearch-learning-to-rank - Plugin to integrate Learning to Rank (aka machine learning for better relevance) with Elasticsearch

Rank Elasticsearch results using tree based (LambdaMART, Random Forest, MART) and linear models. Models are trained using the scores of Elasicsearch queries as features. You train offline using tooling such as with xgboost or ranklib. You then POST your model to a to Elasticsearch in a specific text format (the custom "ranklib" language, documented here). You apply a model using this plugin's ltr query. See blog post and the full demo (training and searching).Models are stored using an Elasticsearch script plugin. Tree-based models can be large. So we recommend increasing the script.max_size_in_bytes setting. Don't worry, just because tree-based models are verbose, doesn't nescesarilly imply they'll be slow.

elastic - R client for the Elasticsearch HTTP API

This client is developed following the latest stable releases, currently v5.5.1. It is generally compatible with older versions of Elasticsearch. Unlike the Python client, we try to keep as much compatibility as possible within a single version of this client, as that's an easier setup in R world.You're fine running ES locally on your machine, but be careful just throwing up ES on a server with a public IP address - make sure to think about security.

elasticsearch-transport-couchbase - A plugin for ElasticSearch that enables loading data using Couchbase XDCR

This plugin makes your Elasticsearch node appear like a Couchbase Server node. After installation you can use the Cross-Datacenter Replication (XDCR) feature of Couchbase Server to transfer data continuously.Note that as of Elasticsearch version 2.0, plugins are version specific. This means that each minor version of Elasticsearch has a corresponding version of the plugin. For example, ES 2.3.1 works with plugin version and so on.

kopf - Web admin interface for elasticsearch

kopf is a simple web administration tool for elasticsearch written in JavaScript + AngularJS + jQuery + Twitter bootstrap. It offers an easy way of performing common tasks on an elasticsearch cluster. Not every single API is covered by this plugin, but it does offer a REST client which allows you to explore the full potential of the ElasticSearch API.

fuel-plugin-elasticsearch-kibana - Integrate Elasticsearch and Kibana with Fuel

The StackLight Elasticsearch-Kibana Plugin for Fuel is used to install and configure Elasticsearch and Kibana which collectively provide access to the logs and notifications analytics of Mirantis OpenStack. The logs and the notifications of Mirantis OpenStack are collected and processed by the StackLight Collector.Please go to the Elasticsearch-Kibana Plugin Overview to getting started.

elasticsearch-osem-hibernate - Hibernate plugin for elasticsearch built with elasticsearch-osem

Hibernate plugin for elasticsearch built with elasticsearch-osem

elasticsearch-client - Elasticsearch Client for Scala that operates against the REST Endpoint

This project is currently targeted at Elasticsearch 1.x. Support for newer versions is planned but not yet built.Along with a basic Elasticsearch client (elasticsearch-core), helper functionality for using Elasticsearch with Akka (elasticssearch-akka) and AWS (elasticsearch-aws) is also provided. The goal of the DSL is to keep it as simple as possible, occasionally sacrifing some end-user boilerplate to maintain a DSL that is easy to modify and add to. The DSL attempts to be type-safe in that it should be impossible to create an invalid Elasticsearch query. Rather than be as compact as possible, the DSL aims to closely reflect the JSON it generates when reasonable. This makes it easier discover how to access functionality than a traditional maximally compact DSL.

logstash-input-dynamodb - This input plugin for Logstash scans a specified DynamoDB table and then reads changes to a DynamoDB table from the associated DynamoDB Stream

The Logstash plugin for Amazon DynamoDB gives you a nearly real-time view of the data in your DynamoDB table. The Logstash plugin for DynamoDB uses DynamoDB Streams to parse and output data as it is added to a DynamoDB table. After you install and activate the Logstash plugin for DynamoDB, it scans the data in the specified table, and then it starts consuming your updates using Streams and then outputs them to Elasticsearch, or a Logstash output of your choice.Logstash is a data pipeline service that processes data, parses data, and then outputs it to a selected location in a selected format. Elasticsearch is a distributed, full-text search server. For more information about Logstash and Elasticsearch, go to https://www.elastic.co/products/elasticsearch.

elasticsearch-analysis-morfologik - Morfologik Polish Lemmatizer plugin for Elasticsearch

Morfologik plugin for elasticsearch 5.x and 2.x. It's lucene-analyzers-morfologik wrapper for elasticsearch.Plugin provide "morfologik" analyzer and "morfologik_stem" token filter.

elasticsearch-mapper-attachments - Mapper Attachments Type plugin for Elasticsearch

If you have a question about the plugin, please use discuss.elastic.co. If you want to report a bug, please use elasticsearch repository.The mapper attachments plugin lets Elasticsearch index file attachments in over a thousand formats (such as PPT, XLS, PDF) using the Apache text extraction library Tika.

snap-plugin-collector-elasticsearch - Collects Elasticsearch cluster and nodes statistics

This plugin collects Elasticsearch cluster and nodes statistics using Snap telemetry framework.The intention for this plugin is to collect metrics for Elasticsearch nodes and cluster health.

elasticsearch-river-hazelcast - elasticsearch-river-hazelcast

| River Plugin | ElasticSearch | Hazelcast || ------ | --------- | --------- || 1.0.0 | 0.90.1 | 2.x |[![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/sksamuel/elasticsearch-river-hazelcast.png)](https://travis-ci.org/sksamuel/elasticsearch-river-hazelcast)

Inquisitor - Site plugin for ElasticSearch to help understand and debug queries.

Inquisitor is a tool help understand and debug your queries in ElasticSearch. It support JSON Parsing and Formatting, Automatic Highlighting, Formatted Search Results, Analyzer testing, Tokenizer testing.