graphouse - Graphouse allows you to use ClickHouse as a Graphite storage.

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Graphouse allows you to use ClickHouse as a Graphite storage. Comparing Graphouse with common Graphite architecture.



Related Projects

carbonate - Utilities for managing graphite clusters

  •    Python

Graphite clusters are pretty cool. Here are some primitive tools to help you manage your graphite clusters.All of the tools support two common arguments; the path to a config file, and the name of the cluster. Using these tools alongside a config file that describes your graphite clusters you can build up scripts to manage your metrics. Some of the tools could easily be replaced with one-liners in shell, but exist here for convenience and readability. The goal is to provide fast, predictable utilities that can easily be composed into more advanced tooling.

carbon - Carbon is one of the components of Graphite, and is responsible for receiving metrics over the network and writing them down to disk using a storage backend

  •    Python

Carbon is responsible for receiving metrics over the network, caching them in memory for "hot queries" from the Graphite-Web application, and persisting them to disk using the Whisper time-series library.Please refer to the instructions at readthedocs.

ceres - Distributable time-series database (not actively maintained)

  •    Python

Ceres is not actively maintained.Ceres is a time-series database format intended to replace Whisper as the default storage format for Graphite. In contrast with Whisper, Ceres is not a fixed-size database and is designed to better support sparse data of arbitrary fixed-size resolutions. This allows Graphite to distribute individual time-series across multiple servers or mounts.

graphite-api - Graphite-web, without the interface. Just the rendering HTTP API.

  •    Python

Graphite-web, without the interface. Just the rendering HTTP API. This is a minimalistic API server that replicates the behavior of Graphite-web. I removed everything I could and simplified as much code as possible while keeping the basic functionality.

synthesize - Easy installer for Graphite and StatsD

  •    Python

Installing Graphite doesn't have to be difficult. The install script in synthesize is designed to make it brain-dead easy to install Graphite and related services onto a modern Linux distribution. Synthesize is built to run on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. It will not run on other Ubuntu releases or Linux distributions. The goal of this project is not to become an automation alternative to modern configuration management utilities (e.g. Chef or Puppet), but rather, to make it as easy as possible for the beginner Graphite user to get started and familiar with the project without having to learn a suite of other automation and/or infrastructure-related projects.

distribute_crawler - 使用scrapy,redis, mongodb,graphite实现的一个分布式网络爬虫,底层存储mongodb集群,分布式使用redis实现,爬虫状态显示使用graphite实现

  •    Python

使用scrapy,redis, mongodb,graphite实现的一个分布式网络爬虫,底层存储mongodb集群,分布式使用redis实现,爬虫状态显示使用graphite实现

graphite - Development repository for the graphite cookbook

  •    Ruby

See default attributes for platform specific packages installed. You can override the node['graphite']['package_names'][#{name}]['source'] attribute, where #{name} is one of whisper, carbon or graphite_web, to set a custom install path. By default a source install will use the github master branch.

Graphite-PowerShell-Functions - A group of PowerShell functions that allow you to send Windows Performance counters to a Graphite Server, all configurable from a simple XML file

  •    PowerShell

I am no longer maintaining this project as there is a far better tool to do this now called Telagraf, which supports sending to InfluxDB and Graphite. A group of PowerShell functions that allow you to send Windows Performance counters to a Graphite Server, all configurable from a simple XML file.

graphite-graph-dsl - A small DSL to describe graphite graphs

  •    Ruby

A small DSL to describe graphite graphs

collectd-graphite - collectd plugin for sending data to graphite

  •    Perl

collectd plugin for sending data to graphite

whisper - Whisper is a file-based time-series database format for Graphite.

  •    Python

Whisper is a fixed-size database, similar in design and purpose to RRD (round-robin-database). It provides fast, reliable storage of numeric data over time. Whisper allows for higher resolution (seconds per point) of recent data to degrade into lower resolutions for long-term retention of historical data.Please refer to the instructions at readthedocs.

docker-grafana-graphite - Docker image with StatsD, Graphite, Grafana 2 and a Kamon Dashboard

  •    Nginx

If you already have services running on your host that are using any of these ports, you may wish to map the container ports to whatever you want by changing left side number in the --publish parameters. You can omit ports you do not plan to use. Find more details about mapping ports in the Docker documentation on Binding container ports to the host and Legacy container links.The Dockerfile and supporting configuration files are available in our Github repository. This comes specially handy if you want to change any of the StatsD, Graphite or Grafana settings, or simply if you want to know how the image was built.

backstop - HTTP service for submitting metrics to Graphite

  •    Ruby

Backstop is a simple endpoint for submitting metrics to Graphite. It accepts JSON data via HTTP POST and proxies the data to one or more Carbon/Graphite listeners. Backstop can receive commit data from GitHub post-receive webhooks. Your WebHook URL should consist of the Backstop service URL with the /github endpoint. For example,

graphite-beacon - Simple alerting system for Graphite metrics

  •    Python

Simple alerting system for Graphite metrics.

Vor - Set of services for gathering metrics by polling systems and delivering them to graphite

  •    Python

Vor is a set of services for gathering metrics by polling systems and delivering them to graphite. Currently there is support for polling metrics from Elasticsearch and Redis.

Tgres - Time Series in PostgreSQL

  •    Go

Tgres is a tool for receiving and reporting on simple time series written in Go which uses PostgreSQL for storage. Tgres can receive data using Graphite Text, UDP and Pickle protocols, as well as Statsd (counters, gauges and timers). It supports enough of a Graphite HTTP API to be usable with Grafana. Tgres implements the majority of the Graphite functions.

graphite - Clean jQuery Mobile theme-pack and theme generator

  •    Javascript

Graphite is a curated set of nice, simple, and clean jQuery Mobile themes based on the default jQM swatches. It also comes with a generator script for building your own with a given base color and base highlight color. Since the themes are based on the default swatches, highlight swatches might not match the theme correctly for this release. We've included a modified jQuery Mobile base theme that we use to generate the "Graphite" set of themes. This theme has a few changes made to the default theme.

graphite-api-experiment - EXPERIMENTAL graphite api server TOY PROJECT NOT FOR PRODUCTION

  •    Go

Experimental version of a new generation Graphite API server in Golang, leveraging Go's efficient concurrency constructs. Goals are: speed, ease of deployment & elegant code.

brubeck - A Statsd-compatible metrics aggregator

  •    C

Brubeck is a statsd-compatible stats aggregator written in C.Statsd is a metrics aggregator for Graphite (and other data storage backends). This technical documentation assumes working knowledge of what statsd is and how it works; please read the statsd documentation for more details.

gdash - A dashboard for Graphite

  •    Javascript

A dashboard for Graphite