vimrc - My vim config

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My vimrc configuration. Fuck Windows.



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vimrc - vgod's vimrc

  •    VimL

Fork me on GITHUB Install vimrc. Add the following line at the end of C:\Program Files\Vim\vimrc.

idiomatic-vimrc - Guidelines for sculpting your very own ~/.vimrc.

  •    Vim

Guidelines for sculpting your very own ~/.vimrc. Unlike the many so-called "distributions", "templates" or "awesome vimrc" you can find on the web, this repository is NOT meant to be an actual vimrc or even form the basis of your own vimrc so don't copy it to your $HOME and expect it to work.

eddie-vim - Yet another vimrc

  •    VimL

Yet another vimrc

vim-config-python-ide - Symlink the .vim dir and the .vimrc file and start kicking ass

  •    VimL

Symlink the .vim dir and the .vimrc file and start kicking ass

vim-localvimrc - Search local vimrc files ("

  •    Vim

This plugin searches for local vimrc files in the file system tree of the currently opened file. It searches for all ".lvimrc" files from the directory of the file up to the root directory. By default those files are loaded in order from the root directory to the directory of the file. The filename and amount of loaded files are customizable through global variables. For security reasons it the plugin asks for confirmation before loading a local vimrc file and loads it using |:sandbox| command. The plugin asks once per session and local vimrc before loading it, if the file didn't change since previous loading.

vimrc - The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc

  •    Vim

Over the last 10 years, I have used and tweaked Vim. This configuration is the ultimate vimrc (or at least my version of it). I would, of course, recommend using the awesome version.

vim-as-an-ide - Workshop on how to use Vim Plugins.

  •    VimL

This repository is the result of a tech talk that I gave at Carnegie Mellon University on February 25, 2015. Its central motivation is this: students who have been instructed or told to use Vim to complete programming assignments while ssh'ed are missing out on the vast power that lies within Vim. In my experience as a TA and fellow student, learning the former requires the latter and vice versa, leading to a vicious cycle of Vim peril. With this in mind, this repository aims to cure the latter, so that the vicious cycle can end.

dotfiles - YADR - The best vim,git,zsh plugins and the cleanest vimrc you've ever seen

  •    Ruby

YADR - The best vim,git,zsh plugins and the cleanest vimrc you've ever seen

vimrc file


vimrc file



Vimrc Generator. Generate basic options by just point and click. The application supports the generation of a vimrc with Syntax highlighting, indents, firefox/chrome like tab navigation, gvim theme selection....

vim-bootstrap - Vim Bootstrap is generator provides a simple method of generating a

  •    Vim

Vim Bootstrap is generator provides a simple method of generating a .vimrc configuration for vim, NeoVim, MacVim and GVim.The distribution is designed to work with Vim >= 7.4.

dotfiles - My configuration files (.screenrc, .vimrc, .weechat, .bashrc, .gitconfig, etc)

  •    Shell

My configuration files (.screenrc, .vimrc, .weechat, .bashrc, .gitconfig, etc)

vim-for-server - .vimrc, simple configures for server, without plugins.

  •    Vim

.vimrc, simple configures for server, without plugins. Just remove all plugins, keep basic config.

space-vim - :four_leaf_clover: Lean & mean spacemacs-ish Vim distribution

  •    Vim

space-vim is a vim distribution for vim plugins and resources, compatible with Vim and NeoVim. It is inspired by spacemacs and mimics spacemacs in a high level, especially in the whole architecture, key bindings and GUI. if have ever tried spacemacs, you will find space-vim is very similar to it in user experience.

cfg - dotfiles and related syncing scripts

  •    VimL

Much of unimpaired.vim was extracted from my vimrc when I noticed a pattern: complementary pairs of mappings. They mostly fall into four categories. There are mappings which are simply short normal mode aliases for commonly used ex commands. ]q is :cnext. [q is :cprevious. ]a is :next. [b is :bprevious. See the documentation for the full set of 20 mappings and mnemonics. All of them take a count.

vim-instant-markdown - Instant Markdown previews from VIm!

  •    VimL

Want to instantly preview finnicky markdown files, but don't want to leave your favorite editor, or have to do it in some crappy browser textarea? vim-instant-markdown is your friend! When you open a markdown file in vim, a browser window will open which shows the compiled markdown in real-time, and closes once you close the file in vim. in your .vimrc. You can then manually trigger preview via the command :InstantMarkdownPreview. This command is only available inside markdown buffers and when the autostart option is turned off.


  •    VimL

My vim files (i'm a n00b, don't use these)

vim-railscasts-theme - A vim color scheme based on the Railscasts Textmate theme.

  •    VimL

A color scheme based on the RailsCasts TextMate theme with decent support for both GUI and terminal. Install Vundle and then add this theme as a plugin to your .vimrc.

vimrc - VimL: Opinionated VIM Configuration

  •    Vim

This Vim configuration is meant to make Vim feel more like an IDE than a simple console-based text editor. This configuration is optimized for use with GVim though it certainly works in the terminal as well. Run these commands to get this Vim configuration working on your OS X or Linux machine. You can run git pull inside of ~/.vim if you'd ever like to grab the latest version.

vim-workshop - An accompanying vim configuration and tmux.conf for my vim + tmux video

  •    VimL

This repo contains the slides for my vim talk. Additionally, I have provided a starter vimrc and tmux.conf. These may be a good starting point for someone getting into vim and tmux. Check out the presentation PDF.

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