migateway - XiaoMi GateWay/Aqara/Lumi/Mijia/小米网关/绿米/米家 SDK For Golang

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XiaoMi GateWay/Aqara/Lumi/Mijia/小米网关/绿米/米家 SDK For Golang




Related Projects

miio - Control Mi Home devices, such as Mi Robot Vacuums, Mi Air Purifiers, Mi Smart Home Gateway (Aqara) and more

  •    Javascript

Control Mi Home devices that implement the miIO protocol, such as the Mi Air Purifier, Mi Robot Vacuum and Mi Smart Socket. These devices are commonly part of what Xiaomi calls the Mi Ecosystem which is branded as MiJia. miio is MIT-licensed and requires at least Node 6.6.0. As the API is promise-based Node 8 is recommended which provides support async and await that greatly simplifies asynchronous handling.

Xiaomi - my Xiaomi Device Handlers for Smartthings

  •    Groovy

Repository of my smartthings device handlers for Xiaomi Devices. Created them primarily for my own use but you are free to use if you so wish. Great devices but I personally do not recommend the outlets as they appear to make my system less stable. However, other people do not seem to report this.

miwifi - Kernel, Toolchain ... of Xiaomi Router R1D

  •    C

Kernel, Toolchain ... of Xiaomi Router R1D

Xiaomi Mobile Phone Kernel OpenSource

  •    C

Linux kernel used in various Xiaomi Mobile devices.

Gaea - Gaea is a mysql proxy, it's developed by xiaomi b2c-systech team.

  •    Go

Gaea is a mysql proxy, it's developed by xiaomi b2c-systech team.

XiaoMi-Pro - XiaoMi NoteBook Pro for macOS Mojave & High Sierra & Sierra

  •    Shell

Please refer to the detailed installation tutorial (Chinese version) macOS安装教程兼小米Pro安装过程记录. A complete EFI archive is available in releases page,Thanks to the continuous update of stevezhengshiqi.

zigbee2mqtt - Zigbee :honeybee: to MQTT bridge :bridge_at_night:, get rid of your proprietary Zigbee bridges :hammer:

  •    Javascript

Allows you to use your Zigbee devices without the vendors (Xiaomi/TRADFRI/Hue) bridge or gateway. It bridges events and allows you to control your Zigbee devices via MQTT. In this way you can integrate your Zigbee devices with whatever smart home infrastructure you are using.

minos - Minos is beyond a hadoop deployment system.

  •    Python

Minos is a distributed deployment and monitoring system. It was initially developed and used at Xiaomi to deploy and manage the Hadoop, HBase and ZooKeeper clusters used in the company. Minos can be easily extended to support other systems, among which HDFS, YARN and Impala have been supported in the current release. This is the command line client tool used to deploy and manage processes of various systems. You can use this client to perform various deployment tasks, e.g. installing, (re)starting, stopping a service. Currently, this client supports ZooKeeper, HDFS, HBase, YARN and Impala. It can be extended to support other systems. You can refer to the following Using Client to learn how to use it.


  •    C++

Pegasus is a distributed key-value storage system developed and maintained by Xiaomi Cloud Storage Team, with targets of high availability, high performance, strong consistency and ease of use. The original motivation of this project is to replace Apache HBase for users who only need simple key-value schema but require low latency and high availability. It is based on the open source rDSN framework, and uses modified RocksDB as underlying storage engine. The consensus algorithm it uses is PacificA. Unlike Bigtable/HBase, a non-layered replication archiecture is adopted in pegasus in which an external DFS like GFS/HDFS isn't the dependency of the persistent data, which benefits the availablity a lot. Meanwhile, availablity problems in HBase which result from Java GC are totally eliminated for the use of C++.


  •    Shell

If you encounter a problem, please see first if you find similiar open/closed issues. Or ask in our Gitter channel for help. If you don't find anything related, feel free to open a new issue. If you/we solve your issue, please condense your gained insights into a pull request for continuous self-improvement.

SmartIR - Integration for Home Assistant to control climate, TV and fan devices via IR/RF controllers (Broadlink, Xiaomi, MQTT)

  •    Python

SmartIR is a custom Home Assistant component for controlling AC units, TV sets and fans via Infrared and RF controllers. An IR or RF controller such as Broadlink is required.

Home-Assistant-Config - Home Assistant Configuration & Documentation for my Smart House.

  •    HTML

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