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XNA SRPG Engine strives to create an engine for XNA developers to use when creating an SRPG in C#. The goals are to make character (sprite) and map (tilsheet) loading automated using XML and images and to have the engine represented to the XNA client in a strong library form.




Related Projects


OgmoXNA is an XNA 3.1 Game Library and set of Content Pipeline Extensions for Matt Thorson's multi-platform Ogmo Editor. Its goal is to provide neutral, consumable objects that you can use to to load your levels without having to follow a game design that isn't yours.

Bnoerj XNA Libraries

The Bnoerj XNA Libraries add useful functionality to the Microsofts XNA Framework.

XNA RPG Library

small project, xna rpg library, tile based


A collection of easy to use Xna components for aiding a game programmer in developing thee next big thing. I plan on using the components from this to make a game of my own. Its developed in C# using the Xna library, and the components will be Xbox360 and Windows PC compatible.

Portable Xna Components

Portable Xna Components makes it easier and faster for Xna game developers to create their games. Developers using this library don't have to worry about rudimentary tasks like drawing and collision detection. It is written in C#

Dark Neuron Game Engine

Dark Neuron allows you to easily create fun and interesting games with no need of developing basic game components. This engine is developed for C# programming language and XNA Game Studio.

RPG-Elements-Engine - A game engine written in C# and XNA for creating 2D rpg style games

A game engine written in C# and XNA for creating 2D rpg style games


The Helium XNA game engine is a light portable game engine designed to work on many platforms and soon to be expanded on more. Currently the helium game engine can be easily run on Windows, Xbox, and Windows Phone and with a coming port to the iPhone and SilverLight.


PrimitiveBatch allows XNA developers to render simple 2D and 3D primitives. It uses a simple interface and is targeted toward XNA 4.0. When finished this project will be able to draw primitives on Windows, Xbox360, and Windows Phone 7.

XNA PerformanceTimers

CPU Timers for Windows and Xbox360. Can track multiple threads, and presents output as a log on-screen.

The Ur-Quan Masters: XNA Melee

A modernized version of The Ur-Quan Masters SuperMelee mode, for the Xbox360 and Windows platforms, using Microsoft XNA Game Studio.


This is the FFWD framework for XNA, that allows you to port Unity3D games to XNA for use on WP7 or XBox360 (XBLIG)

Andrew's XNA Helpers

A collection of classes to make game development easier using the Xna framework.

XNA Tweener

This is a library for XNA for doing animation movement - tweening. Can be used for movement, color changes, fades and whaterver you can dream up that has to be changed over time.

XNA RPG Toolkit

A set of tools for the XNA RPG starter kit.

kieranrpg - An XNA version of yes91's slick2d rpg

An XNA version of yes91's slick2d rpg