pegasus-go-client - The official go client for xiaomi/pegasus.

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This is the official go client for xiaomi/pegasus.



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  •    C++

Pegasus is a distributed key-value storage system developed and maintained by Xiaomi Cloud Storage Team, with targets of high availability, high performance, strong consistency and ease of use. The original motivation of this project is to replace Apache HBase for users who only need simple key-value schema but require low latency and high availability. It is based on the open source rDSN framework, and uses modified RocksDB as underlying storage engine. The consensus algorithm it uses is PacificA. Unlike Bigtable/HBase, a non-layered replication archiecture is adopted in pegasus in which an external DFS like GFS/HDFS isn't the dependency of the persistent data, which benefits the availablity a lot. Meanwhile, availablity problems in HBase which result from Java GC are totally eliminated for the use of C++.

Pegasus Library

  •    CSharp

The Pegasus Library is a collection of .NET classes that augments the .NET framework with helper classes and services.

Linux Pegasus USB-Ethernet drv

  •    C

The idea is to get all pegasus and pegasus II based usb-ethernet devices to work under linux. That simple. :)


  •    Python

Pre-training with Extracted Gap-sentences for Abstractive SUmmarization Sequence-to-sequence models, or PEGASUS, uses self-supervised objective Gap Sentences Generation (GSG) to train a transformer encoder-decoder model. The paper can be found on arXiv. ICML 2020 accepted. We train a pegasus model with sampled gap sentence ratios on both C4 and HugeNews, and stochastically sample important sentences. The updated the results are reported in this table.

S/MIME Plugin for Pegasus Mail

  •    C++

A Plugin for Pegasus Mail, supporting S/MIME Encryption, Decryption, Signing and Signature verifying. In addition, key management is provided.

AntiSpam Plugin for Pegasus Mail

  •    C++

AntiSpam is an extension for Pegasus Mail 3.1 (and above) by David Harris. It semi-automates the process of complaining about unsolicited mail (aka quot;spamquot;).

pegasus - Load JSON while still loading other scripts

  •    Javascript

Pegasus is a tiny lib that lets you load JSON data while loading other scripts.If you have a static website, using this technique, you can reduce the time to display data. Works with any JS lib (React, Vue, jQuery, ...).

Mac OS X Pegasus USB-To-Ethernet Driver


A Mac OS X Driver for USB-To-Etherenet devices based on the AdmTek Pegasus Chipset.

Pegasus Mail 2 KMail

  •    C++

Convert Pegasus mail folders (message status included) to use with KMail

Pegasus Trading for FOREX

  •    Java

A complete Spot Foreign Currency Trading Platform (Client/Server) to act as an ECN and a Merket Maker. Written entirely in Java and using Java Servlets with JDBC for database access.

franz-go - franz-go contains a feature complete, pure Go library for interacting with Kafka from 0

  •    Go

Franz-go is an all-encompassing Apache Kafka client fully written Go. This library aims to provide every Kafka feature from Apache Kafka v0.8.0 onward. It has support for transactions, regex topic consuming, the latest partitioning strategies, data loss detection, closest replica fetching, and more. If a client KIP exists, this library aims to support it. This library attempts to provide an intuitive API while interacting with Kafka the way Kafka expects (timeouts, etc.).

k8s - A simple Kubernetes Go client

  •    Go

A slimmed down Go client generated using Kubernetes' new protocol buffer support. This package behaves similarly to official Kubernetes' Go client, but only imports two external dependencies.client-go is a framework for building production ready controllers, components that regularly watch API resources and push the system towards a desired state. If you're writing a program that watches several resources in a loop for long durations, client-go's informers framework is a battle tested solution which will scale with the size of the cluster.

braintree-go - A Go client library for Braintree

  •    Go

A Go client library for Braintree, the payments company behind awesome companies like GitHub, Heroku, and 37signals. This is not an official client library. Braintree maintains server-side libraries for Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, Node, C# and Java, but not Go. This package implements the core functionality of the other client libraries, but it's missing a few advanced features.

go-smtp - An SMTP client & server library written in Go

  •    Go

An ESMTP client and server library written in Go. It supports SMTP AUTH and PIPELINING, UTF-8 support for subject and message and LMTP support.

confluent-kafka-go - Confluent's Apache Kafka Golang client

  •    Go

confluent-kafka-go is Confluent's Golang client for Apache Kafka and the Confluent Platform.High performance - confluent-kafka-go is a lightweight wrapper around librdkafka, a finely tuned C client.

resty - Simple HTTP and REST client for Go inspired by Ruby rest-client

  •    Go

Simple HTTP and REST client for Go inspired by Ruby rest-client. Features section describes in detail about resty capabilities.v0.13 released and tagged on Jun 22, 2017.

dockerclient - Docker client library in Go

  •    Go

No longer well-maintained docker client library. Docker's supported engine API client for go is docker/engine-api. List of people you can ping for feedback on Pull Requests or any questions.

oauth - A library for performing OAuth Device flow and Web application flow in Go client apps.

  •    Go

A library for Go client applications that need to perform OAuth authorization against a server, typically Traditionally, OAuth for web applications involves redirecting to a URI after the user authorizes an app. While web apps (and some native client apps) can receive a browser redirect, client apps such as CLI applications do not have such an option.

minos - Minos is beyond a hadoop deployment system.

  •    Python

Minos is a distributed deployment and monitoring system. It was initially developed and used at Xiaomi to deploy and manage the Hadoop, HBase and ZooKeeper clusters used in the company. Minos can be easily extended to support other systems, among which HDFS, YARN and Impala have been supported in the current release. This is the command line client tool used to deploy and manage processes of various systems. You can use this client to perform various deployment tasks, e.g. installing, (re)starting, stopping a service. Currently, this client supports ZooKeeper, HDFS, HBase, YARN and Impala. It can be extended to support other systems. You can refer to the following Using Client to learn how to use it.

go-sdk - Dapr SDK for go

  •    Go

Client library to help you build Dapr application in Go. This client supports all public Dapr APIs while focusing on idiomatic Go experience and developer productivity. Dapr Go client includes two packages: client (for invoking public Dapr APIs), and service (to create services that will be invoked by Dapr, this is sometimes referred to as "callback").

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