OopFactory X12 Parser

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This is an open source .NET C# implementation of an X12 Parser. The parser allows for a specification of any X12 transaction set to create a generic X12 xml representation of the hierarchical data contained within the X12 document. No database integration is required by de...




Related Projects


  •    DotNet

Simple EDI reading\writing library + XmlReader over EDI data. Provides basic functionality sufficient to parse\read and write EDI streams. Currently X12 EDI only. Parser is general purpose, does not use maps\specifications, does not create XML hierarchy.

omniparser - omniparser: a native Golang ETL streaming parser and transform library for CSV, JSON, XML, EDI, text, etc

  •    Go

Omniparser is a native Golang ETL parser that ingests input data of various formats (CSV, txt, fixed length/width, XML, EDI/X12/EDIFACT, JSON, and custom formats) in streaming fashion and transforms data into desired JSON output based on a schema written in JSON. In the example folders above you will find pairs of input files and their schema files. Then in the .snapshots sub directory, you'll find their corresponding output files.

edival EDI Parsing amp; Validation Library

  •    C

Edival is a simple EDI file parsing amp; validation library for the EDIFACT and X12 EDI standards. It is a stream-based parser in which an application defines event handlers for structures that the parser will find in a file, e.g. elements and segments.


  •    Java

EDI4J is a java toolkit to read, write and translate EDI files (X12, UN/EDIFACT, HL7). EDI4J uses XML template files representing the structure and composition of an EDI file to parse EDI files into an XML translation.


  •    Python

Development has been moved to github. pyx12 is a python based ANSI X.12 to XML EDI translator and validator. It is designed to be a step in the conversion of a X12 transaction to back-end database process. It can convert to and from an XML representation of the X12 document.


  •    Java

EDIReader parses EDI input from ANSI X12 and EDIFACT, including documents for HIPAA compliance. It supports Java JAXP/SAX XML interfaces with a custom implementation of an quot;XMLquot; parser, allowing access to EDI data with XML tools.

BizTalk EDI Guidance


BizTalk EDI Guidance is intended to simplify the delivery of EDI solutions by leveraging the ESB Toolkit. This project is currently Alpha and should be considered a work in progress.


  •    CSharp

XSLPIPE allows simple chaining together of XSLT stylesheets to process non-XML documents (like EDI) into other formats. This type of application is typically used to translate between complex file formats - for example EDI to Biztalk XML or CSV to EDI.

EDI VDA 4915


EDI VDA 4915 is a project developed to read and translate the content of a VDA 4915 message format, usually used in the automotive industry. Also create a CSV file with data from the message file, so everyone can use it


  •    DotNet

ediFabric is a .NET library to convert EDI documents into typed .NET objects and vice verse. It can serialize\deserialize to\from XML.

EDI VDA 4905


EDI VDA 4905 message reader, translator and create a CSV file. The VDA4905 is the message transmission for delivery instruction of the factories.



EDIVisualizer is a reader for different files fomats use in EDI (Electronic data interchange).

FTC Team 417 Software Starter Kit: software and tools for FIRST Tech Challenge


A software starter kit and handy utilities for FIRST Technical Challenge high-school robotics teams. Currently, the kit contains a utility for doing real time telemetry from a NXT directly into Microsoft Excel, an enhancement to the RobotC joystick driver, a few other interest...


  •    DotNet

A library which supports decoding and generating of barcodes (like QR Code, PDF 417, EAN, UPC, Aztec, Data Matrix, Codabar) within images.

TerrariaClone - 🔥 An incomprehensible hellscape of spaghetti code.

  •    Java

Back when I was first learning to program in Java, I decided to try to make a clone of the excellent PC game Terraria. Of course, I was convinced that my version would have many more features than the official one. Blocks and items, among many other things, are represented by magic numbers instead of enums. There are 417 lines of block comments at the top of TerrariaClone.java that serve as manual translation tables.

LeetCode-Swift - Solutions to LeetCode by Swift

  •    Swift

Problem Status shows the latest progress to all 800+ questions. Currently we have 271 completed solutions. Note: questions with ♥ mark means that you have to Subscript to premium membership of LeetCode to unlock them. Thank you for great contributions from CharleneJiang, ReadmeCritic, demonkoo, DaiYue, Quaggie and jindulys.

butterflow - Make motion interpolated and fluid slow motion videos from the command line

  •    Python

BF works by rendering intermediate frames between existing frames using a process called motion interpolation. Given two existing frames, A and B, this program can generate frames C.1, C.2...C.n positioned between the two. In contrast to other tools that can only blend or dupe frames, this program warps pixels based on motion to generate new ones. In these examples, BF slowed a 1sec video down by 10x. An additional 270 frames were interpolated from 30 original source frames giving the video a smooth feel during playback. The same video was slowed down with FFmpeg alone, but because it dupes frames and can't interpolate new ones, the video has a noticeable stutter (shown on the right-hand side).

Sphaero Jigsaw

  •    Java

Sphaero is an extensible Java jigsaw puzzle application. It supports any image of reasonable size, piece rotation (0/90/180/270 currently), and customizable cutting style (squares, quot;classicquot; cuts, etc.).

the-turing-way - Host repository for The Turing Way: a how to guide for reproducible data science

  •    TeX

This README.md file in also available in Dutch (README-Dutch), French (README-French.md), German (README-German.md), Indonesian (README-Indonesian), Italian (README-Italian), Korean (README-Korean), Portuguese (README-Portuguese), and Spanish (README-Spanish) (listed alphabetically). The Turing Way is a lightly opinionated guide to reproducible data science. You can read it here: https://the-turing-way.netlify.com You're currently viewing the project GitHub repository where all of the bits that make up the guide live, and where the process of writing/building the guide happens.



This is a 2 years of work building yet another erp system that integrates CRM, SCM, complex inventory management, EDI. This software is powered using XAF Application Framework from Developer Express and Expand Framework. YetAnotherErp is a fully integrated solution.

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