Windows Update Notifier

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Windows Update Notifier informs about Windows Updates via a desktop notification. Furthermore it enables to install Windows Defender Updates automatically.



Related Projects

node-notifier - A Node

Send cross platform native notifications using Node.js. Notification Center for macOS, notify-osd/libnotify-bin for Linux, Toasters for Windows 8/10, or taskbar Balloons for earlier Windows versions. Growl is used if none of these requirements are met. Works well with electron. Standard usage, with cross-platform fallbacks as defined in the reporter flow chart. All of the options below will work in a way or another on all platforms.

update-notifier - Update notifications for your CLI app

Inform users of your package of updates in a non-intrusive way.Whenever you initiate the update notifier and it's not within the interval threshold, it will asynchronously check with npm in the background for available updates, then persist the result. The next time the notifier is initiated, the result will be loaded into the .update property. This prevents any impact on your package startup performance. The update check is done in a unref'ed child process. This means that if you call process.exit, the check will still be performed in its own process.

git-dude - Git commit notifier

git-dude is a simple git desktop notifier. It monitors git repositories in current directory for new commits/branches/tags and shows desktop notification if anything new arrived. It simply uses git fetch and parses its output to see what has changed. Then it formats new commit messages with git log and shows desktop notification with notify-send / kdialog (Linux) or growlnotify (OSX). All of this in infinite loop.

Dynamic public IP change notifier

IPChangeInformer notifies via email when computer's public IP changes. Solves the problem of knowing computer's pubic IP address in dynamic IP assignment when you are far from home. Multilanguage application. Uses resource files. Originally in English and catalan.

notify - Cross-platform filesystem notification library for Rust — v4 maintained, v5 in development.

Cross-platform filesystem notification library for Rust. Notify 2.x by default provided the events immediately as reported from the backend API. Notify 3+ by default debounces the events — if the backend reports two similar events in close succession, Notify will only report one. The old behaviour may be obtained through the Watcher::new_raw() function and RawEvent type, see the documentation.

CRM 2011 : Update 'Error Notification Preference' Utility

CRM 2011 Update 'Error Notification Preference' is a small utility which allows you to quickly update CRM user's Error Notification Preference

gandalf - Easily notify a user with a simple alert, inform them of an optional update, and in dire situations block the user from accessing older versions of the application completely

Gandalf will easily add a check to a remote file that can notify a user with a simple alert, inform them of an optional update, and in dire situations block the user from accessing older versions of the application completely (ex: security vulnerability has been found). You're in luck! Gandalf was built in parallel with its iOS counterpart, LaunchGate.

gosx-notifier - gosx-notifier is a Go framework for sending desktop notifications to OSX 10

A Go lib for sending desktop notifications to OSX Mountain Lion's (10.8 or higher REQUIRED) Notification Center.On OSX 10.9 and above gosx-notifier now supports images and icons.

Siren - Notify users when a new version of your app is available and prompt them to upgrade.

Siren checks a user's currently installed version of your iOS app against the version that is currently available in the App Store. If a new version is available, an alert can be presented to the user informing them of the newer version, and giving them the option to update the application. Alternatively, Siren can notify your app programmatically, enabling you to inform the user through alternative means, such as a custom interface.

Kinect Status Notifier

The Kinect Status Notifier, will pops up a notification in system tray whenever this changes in sensor status. This can be very useful for Kinect for windows


More flexibility with an additional control console for your Windows Update deployments. Utilises WSUS and wuinstall, along with scripts to force status update now, patch download, patch install and reboot Beta. Core functionality OK.

zevenseas Notifier

Little project that displays a notification on every page within a WebApplication of SharePoint. The message of the notification is centrally managed in the Central Administration.

notify-io - Open notification platform for the web

Open notification platform for the web

Foghorn (Growl notification for Service Oriented Architectures)

Use WCF to register an application; its notification types; and subscribing Growls. Use SOAP etc. from Java, .NET, PHP, etc. to Notify subscribers.


jQuery plugin, provides simple notification (with timeout and close button). jQuery UI themes compatible. Localization support.

pnotify - Beautiful JavaScript notifications with Web Notifications support.

PNotify is a JavaScript notification plugin. PNotify can provide desktop notifications based on the Web Notifications spec. If desktop notifications are not available or not permitted, PNotify will fall back to an in-browser notice. Unless you're an alpha tester, none of this README applies to you! You want to check out the README on the master branch.

angular-notify - Minimalistic and extensible notification service for Angular.

A minimalistic (and extensible) notification service for Angular.Supports IE 10, and recent versions of FF and Chrome.