WPF Data Editors

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WPF Data Editor controls contains most of editor controls in WPF.




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BillCalc2 - Simple Bill Calculator written in WPF/C#

Simple Bill Calculator written in WPF/C#

Calculator - WPF MVVM Calculator

WPF MVVM Calculator

Drop Down Style Custom Color Picker in WPF

Although WPF provides quite a rich collection of UI controls and components for development, a particular control has been missing. That is a color-picker control. Here a drop down style custom color picker has been made using WPF.

Graphing Calculator in Silverlight

This was initially an effort to port a WPF graphing calculator written by Bob Brown (Microsoft) into Silverlight but soon after it became necessary to add several features to the code to make it more general and ready for practical use.

WPF-Calculator - Just a rewrite without XAML of the Microsoft sample

Just a rewrite without XAML of the Microsoft sample

Wpf Source Code Editor

WPF control extension of RichTextBox control that can be used for basing source code formatting.

Xaml exporter for 3D Studio Max

3D modeling is hard to do directly in Xaml. This is a set of scripts to export your models from 3D Studio Max directly to Xaml and ready to use in your WPF projects.

Hash Calculator

WPF Windows 7 program to compute SHA1, MD5 & CRC32 hash functions.


Demo project written in C# with WCF : a calculator for complex number hosted in a Console App, a windows service or IIS and consume by a WPF client


This is a WPF library containing a powerhouse of controls, frameworks, helpers, tools, etc. for productive WPF development. If you have ever heard of Drag and Drop with Attached properties, ElementFlow, GlassWindow, this is the library that will contain all such goodies.

Calculator - iOS Calculator written in Swift - highly inspired by the default iOS Calculator

iOS Calculator written in Swift - highly inspired by the default iOS Calculator

PG Calculator

PG Calculator is a powerfull scientific calculator and an excellent replacement for standard calculator. It ofers full customizable user inteface and looks like real calculator on user desktop. PG Calculator works in Algebraic and RPN mode.

WPF Localization Extension

LocalizationExtension is a realy easy way to localize any type of DependencyProperties on DependencyObects in WPF / SL (.xaml and .cs) through .resx files.

Complex Hierarchical Data Templates

WPF enhancement allowing you to use your own business class structure to display complex hierarchies in a standard WPF TreeView control. The included data template resolver and converter allow you to specify which templates are used based on your class types.


Calculator is a small as it says calculator written in C++. The goal is to write a fully featured calculator which can beat MS Calculator. It will support Win32,Linux,Mac and so far most of the OS on the market.

WPF Animated GIF

A simple library to display animated GIF images in WPF, usable in XAML or in code.

Layout Designer

A prototype WPF/Silverlight UI layout designer. Works with basic panels (StackPanel and Grid). Built entirely using drag-n-drop. XAML can be copied to clipboard. Built with Silverlight 4 and runs in the browser.

WPF Application for Displaying Logical Trees

WPF application that allows drag/drop of .xaml file, then displays WPF logical tree for that file.

Calculator 7

Calculator 7 was developed keeping in mind that the Windows XP & Windows Vista Users are not able to utilize the Advanced Calculator present in Windows 7 OS. This calculator is built using latest microsoft .net framework 4.0.

quical - Quick calculator program.

Quical (also known in other documentation as Edlightened Calculator). is a simple calculator program written by Emposoft. Intended to run as a .exe program in any device/OS that supports it, Quical is looking to be the most reliable and nimble calculator out there- capable on running on any PC (for you XP users still out there).