Windows Phone Assets

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Windows Phone Assets is a development library for Windows Phone developers. This library enhances and extends existing features and controls of the Windows Phone SDK.



Related Projects


AppBarUtils provides out-of-box app bar behaviors/triggers/actions for Windows Phone SDK 7.1/8.0.

Bewise Phone Controls

These toolkit host a collection of controls, components and utilities for Windows Phone developers, both on Silverlight and XNA. Provided by Bewise.

devMobile.NET Library for Windows Phone 7.1

devMobile.NET Library intends to offer a set of commons and not so commons controls for developing Windows Phone 7.5 applications. It offers classic controls like both pie and column charts for simple scenarios as well as other not so classic controls like SignalAccuracy contr...

The Windows Phone Toolkit

A collection of standard controls, animations and helpers for creating beautiful and consistent WP7 & WP8 apps

Windows Phone UpDown Control

The Windows Phone UpDown Control is an open-source project built on top of the Microsoft Windows phone 7.1 . It is a effort that provides input values on a minimum and maximum limit. It's developed in C# with .NET

Silverlight Toolkit

Silverlight Toolkit and Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit are a set of Microsoft components for developers.

WJ's Windows Phone User Controls

This project built on Windows Phone OS 7.1, it contains list of commonly used WP user controls in my daily projects like iPhone style toggle switch etc.

SpinDotters - Spinning controls for the .NET framework

SpinDotters provides a set of animated controls for the following .NET technologies: * Silverlight (version 4 or higher) * WPF (version 4 higher) * Windows Phone (version 7.5 or higher) There is only one common code base for both XAML and code-behind, with a few compi...

Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Watermark TextBox Control

A Windows Phone 7 TextBox control, providing Watermark text to add a visual clue to the user for what he has to enter in the field, like the built-in Calendar app when you want to create a new appointment. The control inherits TextBox.

Windows Phone 7 Silverlight ListBox with CheckBox Control

A Windows Phone 7 ListBox control, providing CheckBoxes for item selection when in "Choose State" and no CheckBoxes in "Normal State", like the built-in Email app, with nice transition. To switch between states, set the "IsInChooseState" property. The control inherits ListBox.

Ad Configuration + Rotator for Windows Phone

Ad Configuration and Rotator for Windows Phone is a set of classes and controls which allow you to remotely manage advertising providers used inside your Windows Phone application. Advertising providers can be plugged in on an 'as needed' so application only ship with the prov...

Coding4Fun Apps List Control

Don't miss any opportunity to market your Windows Phone apps! Each one of your apps can serve as an ad for your other apps. Learn how to add a listing of everything you have published in Marketplace to each of your apps. Even better, it will always be up to date!

Phone 7 Action Pack (Windows Phone 7)

Phone7ActionPack #wp7ap is a set of tools aimed at making developing for Windows Phone 7 as easy as possible. It will include some useful Extension Methods, Behaviors, Actions, Triggers and several controls.

Ring Controls

new UI components with the ring for windows phone.

AndroidController - Controls computer with phone over network, useful stuff like alt-tab and macros

Controls computer with phone over network, useful stuff like alt-tab and macros


This project is the complete framework of the Phone7.Fx. It contains a lot of cool stuff such as a BindableApplicationBar, Cryptography, some controls like jumpList and watermark textbox.

Arabic Library For WP7

This project provides a few features to support Arabic development on Windows Phone 7. 1. Right-to-left controls. 2. Keyboard that is hooked to these controls. 3. Arabic engine that connects the letters and render them properly. Code should be ported easily to other languages.

HTML App Host Framework

This is an HTML Application Host framework for building HTML5/regular HTML/JavaScript for Windows Phone. The framework consists of controls needed to support embed html apps in a standard xap format used by the market place for deploying to windows phone.

Coding4Fun Toolkit

Coding4Fun provides toolkits and samples that aim at helping developer's lives easier. Coding4Fun Toolkit has Windows Store and Window Phone Controls