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This project is aimed at the Windows Phone 7 developers that need to print from an App they are developing. The project provides a WCF service that runs on any desktop or server, and a print dialog dll that runs on the Windows 7 phone. It is developed in Framework 4.0 Client C#




Related Projects


Print XPS is a command line tool for printing XPS files without the printer selection dialog appearing. This means you can call Print XPS files from another program or service without any user intervention.


Samba is the standard Windows interoperability suite of programs for Linux and Unix. Samba provides file and print services to all manner of SMB/CIFS clients, including the numerous versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Andrew-Printing-for-Android - Print to Carnegie Mellon's printer clusters from your Android phone

Print to Carnegie Mellon's printer clusters from your Android phone


Standalone map printing service for IIS based on the MapFish print module and PyISAPIe.

dktools - Dirk Krauses tools

A set of command line tools for advanced users and administrators. Graphics conversion (PNG/TIFF/JPEG to PS/EPS/PDF, Fig to PS/EPS/PGF/PDF+TeX/EPS+TeX/SVG), administration tools (create configuration and documentation from database), printing tools (print quota enforcement, send file to Windows print queue, Windows print queue cleanup, LPRng queue cleanup), developer tool (tracing and debugging, wxWidgets GUI code generation, state machine code generation), networking tool (send data strea

Print to PDF

A component you can drop on your form which will allow you to print your print document to a pdf

Print to OneNote using XPS (64 bit supported)

XPS2OneNote enables printing documents to OneNote for 64bit operating systems such as Vista x64, which is not supported by the "Send to OneNote" print driver. It also enables scaling the printout size. It is written in C# and uses the XPS print driver.


Google Cloud Print driver for CUPS, allows printing to printers hosted on Google Cloud Print


VI Performance is packed full of awesomeness with an amazing team of writers, artists, photographers and graphic designers. Terry Denomme of Canadian Hot Rods magazine who will be bringing his popular "My Car" column to VI Performance where he will feature some of Vancouver Island's best hot rods and classic cars. Other writers include Gerry Malloy of Canadian Auto Dealer, David C. Atkin from Auto Revival, Benjamin Hunting who's written for several publications such as Sportscars.org, Boston Bim

Poster Printer

Allows you to create a poster from ANY document that you can print from ANY application. Print your document to a new quot;virtual printerquot; and a preview dialog lets you enlarge to create a poster or print as normal. Enlarges true-type text perfectly smoot


PrintSpoolerLibrary is an abstraction of the windows print spooler subsystem. It provides all printing and print spooler functions with an easy to use .NET API. It also provides events when a printjob was printed or a printer has been changed.

Word Document Print Manger - Printing Documents in the Background

Prints selected Word Documents (or any other textfile) in the background.

NGridDrawer Library

This library provide printing features for grids of data (DataGridView,...) on the Frameworks DOT NET 2.0 and above

term-colorizer - Print colorized strings on terminal (Useful for printing fancy logs)

Print colorized strings on terminal (Useful for printing fancy logs)

color - small and quick python color printing module. Overrides print function

small and quick python color printing module. Overrides print function

Printer-Dialog - set print options via dialog

set print options via dialog

Coded Debug Print

Codes debug print statements to reduce size of debug builds, hides debug information from 3rd party people and decreases the effect of longer print lines by printing minimum number of characters to console.


Example of using the Print object command for printing variable height reports.


An easy to use printing solution for the RPI student body. RPI Easy Print will allow students to circumvent the standard system of installing printer drivers and formatting their jobs accordingly. Simply change the file to a PDF and print!