gopcua - [WIP] Simple OPC UA implementation in Go Programming Language

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gopcua provides easy and painless handling of OPC UA Binary Protocol in pure Golang. See example directory for sample codes. Currently simple client, server implementation and sender, which lets user to manipulate any parts including connection setup sequence, are available.



Related Projects

OSMOX (Open Source Modbus OPC XML-DA)

  •    CSharp

An OPC-XML compliant server for the MODBUS protocol used in process controllers and PLCs. It will provide low-cost access to plant data and support futher development of Open SCADA applications. Based on the OpenDA (opc-xml) project.

OPC UA Services for WPF


Build a great HMI using OPC, WPF and Visual Studio. With this kit you can: * Browse OPC UA servers directly from the Visual Studio IDE. * Drag and drop the variable nodes to create a data subscription. * Use WPF bindings to animate your control properties from...

UA-.NETStandard - OPC Unified Architecture .NET Standard

  •    CSharp

This OPC UA reference implementation is targeting .NET Standard . .Net Standard allows you develop apps that run on all common platforms available today, including Linux, iOS, Android (via Xamarin) and Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (including embedded/IoT editions) without requiring platform-specific modifications.


  •    C++

This is open source SCADA system for MS Windows (2000/XP/Vista). Free SCADA provides for end-users flexible tools for visualization and interactive control of any industrial process. The system uses OPC servers for data collection.

conpot - ICS/SCADA honeypot

  •    Python

The build of the documentations source can be found here. There you will also find the instructions on how to install conpot and the FAQ. Navigate to http://MY_IP_ADDRESS to confirm the setup.

UA-.NET-Legacy - OPC Foundation Unified Architecture .NET Reference Implementations

  •    CSharp

This repository is provided by OPC Foundation as legacy support for older .NET Framework versions and will not receive further features and updates. The official Unified Architecture .NET Stack maintained by OPC Foundation will be based on .NET Standard and can be found here.


  •    C

icsdrone is an interface between a chess server and a chess engine



PyOPC is a Python Library implementing the XML - Data Access Protocol Version 1.01 (XML-DA 1.01) by the OPC Foundation. PyOPC supports easy creation of XMLDA compliant clients and servers without having to deal with the SOAP protocol and server issues.

Scada Honeynet


The Scada Honeynet project aims to extend the concept of Honeynet to SCADA networks. The project aims to simulate a SCADA network, includeing the devices and the network itself running a bunch of scripts on a single box.

open-source .NET SCADA framework

  •    CSharp

scada-tgz is a open-source .NET based framework for creating SCADA applications. It includes communication servers for various hardware in form of WebServices and SCADA-specific controls for Windows.Forms, GTK# and ASP.NET applications.

ua-device - userAgent解析库

  •    Javascript

ua-device是由Baidu WebFE(FEX)团队开发的一个用于解析UA来得到用户终端信息的JS框架

OPCDiff (Alpha)


OPCDiff is a diff/comparer for OPC (Open Packaging Convention) based documents (Open XML documents : Word, Excel & PowerPoint 2007, XPS documents, custom file formats using OPC). OPCDiff is use to compare two documents to get the differences between two OPC structures (several...


  •    Erlang

Chevron is a industrial protocol translator or more accurately put, a translator of industrial protocols. These include Building Management, Process Control and SCADA protocols.

useragent - Useragent parser for Node.js, ported from

  •    Javascript

Useragent originated as port of's user agent parser project also known as ua-parser. Useragent allows you to parse user agent strings with high performance and accuracy by using hand tuned regular expressions for browser matching. This database is needed to ensure that every browser is correctly parsed as every browser vendor implements it's own user agent schema. This is why regular user agent parsers have major issues because they will most likely parse out the wrong browser name or confuse the render engine version with the actual version of the browser. This module relies on uap-core's regexes.yaml user agent database to parse user agent strings.


  •    Java

jSLP is a pure Java implementation of RFC 2608 (SLP, Service Location Protocol, Version 2) with a RFC 2614 style API. It can be both SLP UserAgent (UA) and ServiceAgent (SA).

Detect.js - :mag: Library to detect browser, os and device based on the UserAgent String

  •    Javascript

❗️ NOTE: THIS PLUGIN IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED. If you encounter a bug then you're probably on your own. Try Bowser as an alternative. Note: Detect.js is a JavaScript library to detect platforms, versions, manufacturers and types based on the navigator.userAgent string. This code is based on, and modified from, the original work of Tobie Langel's UA-Parser: UA-Parser is subsequently a port of BrowserScope's user agent string parser.

AUTOMGEN runtime for open plc

  •    C

AUTOMGEN runtime is an open source royalty free runtime for open PLCs. By using this runtime, any target systems can become compatible with the AUTOMGEN automation workshop: IEC1131 languages (ladder, SFC, etc.), 2D and 3D scada, WEB SCADA, etc.


  •    C

SZARP is a full-featured, open source (GPL) SCADA system for Linux. Client programs are available for Linux and Windows.

OpenOPC for Python

  •    Python

OpenOPC for Python is an easy to use OPC (OLE for Process Control) library for use with the Python programming language. The project includes a Windows gateway service allowing non-Windows clients to also access OPC-DA calls.