WLW Plurk: A Windows Live Writer Plugin to publish your post on Plurk

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It is simple plugin for user to publish plurk after they publish their blog post via Windows Live Writer. It has follow function: (2.0) 1. Provide dialog base to login smodify your plurk 2. Help you to get tiny url to prevent 140 limited before you post to plurk. 3. You ...




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json-glib - Frida depends on json-glib

BUGS----JSON-GLib tracks bugs in the GNOME Bugzilla.If you find a bug in JSON-GLib, please file an issue using[the appropriate form][bugzilla-enter-bug]. You can also check[the list of open bugs][bugzilla-bug-page].Required information: * the version of JSON-GLib * if it is a development version, the branch of the git repository * the JSON data that produced the bug (if any) * a small, self-contained test case, if none of the test units exhibit the buggy behaviour * in case of a segmentation

JsonFx.NET - JSON serialization framework for .NET

JsonFx v2.0 - JSON serialization framework for .NET. It has unified interface for reading / writing JSON, BSON, XML, JsonML. It implements LINQ-to-JSON, Supports reading/writing using DataContract, XmlSerialization, JsonName, attributes and lot more.

JSON.NET - JSON framework for .NET

Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET. It is serializes .NET objects to JSON. It converts JSON to LINQ, XML and lot more. It performs faster than .NET buit in serializers.

Noggit - JSON streaming parser

Noggit is the world's fastest streaming JSON parser for Java. It is used in Apache Solr.

kazaam - Arbitrary transformations of JSON in Golang

Kazaam was created with the goal of supporting easy and fast transformations of JSON data with Golang. This functionality provides us with an easy mechanism for taking intermediate JSON message representations and transforming them to formats required by arbitrary third-party APIs.Inspired by Jolt, Kazaam supports JSON to JSON transformation via a transform "specification" also defined in JSON. A specification is comprised of one or more "operations". See Specification Support, below, for more details.

Jackson JSON - JSON Parser in Java

Jackson is a multi-purpose Java library for processing JSON data format. This project contains core low-level incremental ("streaming") parser and generator abstractions used by Jackson Data Processor. It also includes the default implementation of handler types (parser, generator) that handle JSON format.

jose-jwt - Ultimate Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) and JSON Web Token (JWT) Implementation for

Minimallistic zero-dependency library for generating, decoding and encryption JSON Web Tokens. Supports full suite of JSON Web Algorithms as of July 4, 2014 version. JSON parsing agnostic, can plug any desired JSON processing library. Extensively tested for compatibility with jose.4.j, Nimbus-JOSE-JWT and json-jwt libraries.v2.1 and above added extra features support for .NET461+ and coming with 3 version of binaries (NET4, NET461 and netstandard1.4).

jolt - JSON to JSON transformation library written in Java.

JSON to JSON transformation library written in Java where the "specification" for the transform is itself a JSON document.Each transform has it's own DSL (Domain Specific Language) in order to facilitate it's narrow job.

postgres-json-schema - JSON Schema validation for PostgreSQL

postgres-json-schema allows validation of JSON schemas in PostgreSQL. It is implemented as a PL/pgSQL function and you can use it as a check constraint to validate the format of your JSON columns.postgres-json-schema supports the entire JSON schema draft v4 spec, except for remote (http) references. It's tested against the official JSON-Schema-Test-Suite.

kohana-orm-api - Exposes Kohana ORM over a RESTful api

The four HTTP methods `GET`, `POST`, `PUT` and `DELETE` are used (respectively) to `find`, `create`, `update` and `delete` models.This module provide a uniformized api access for external client and facilitateajax integration on a website.Routing--------The api is routed like this```/api/<model>(/<id>(/<action>))``` If `model` is plural, a list of models will be returned in the JSON-encoded response body. The suffix `_all` will be appended to the called method toperform a plural call.In this

json-c - json-c from https://github.com/json-c/json-c

json-c from https://github.com/json-c/json-c

JSON-CC - yangacer::json - A C++ JSON parser and JSON variant

yangacer::json - A C++ JSON parser and JSON variant

json-c - JSON-C - A JSON implementation in C; fork of http://oss.metaparadigm.com/json-c/

JSON-C - A JSON implementation in C; fork of http://oss.metaparadigm.com/json-c/

JSON-Schema-validator - check JSON data structure by using JSON Schema. not JSON syntax check.

check JSON data structure by using JSON Schema. not JSON syntax check.

json-patch - Ruby implementation of JSON Patch (identified by json-patch+json media type).

Ruby implementation of JSON Patch (identified by json-patch+json media type).

jx-sqlite - JSON query expressions using SQLite

JSON is a nice format to store data, and it has become quite prevalent. Unfortunately, databases do not handle it well, often a human is required to declare a schema that can hold the JSON before it can be queried. If we are not overwhelmed by the diversity of JSON now, we soon will be. There will be more JSON, of more different shapes, as the number of connected devices( and the information they generate) continues to increase.An attempt to store JSON documents in SQLite so that they are accessible via SQL. The hope is this will serve a basis for a general document-relational map (DRM), and leverage the database's query optimizer. jx-sqlite is also responsible for making the schema, and changing it dynamically as new JSON schema are encountered and to ensure that the old queries against the new schema have the same meaning.

json-document-transforms - JDT - Transform JSON files using a JSON transformation file

JSON Document Transforms (JDT) library. Perform transformations on JSON files using another JSON as the specification. This is the C# implementation.This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact opencode@microsoft.com with any additional questions or comments.

json-avro-converter - JSON to Avro conversion tool designed to make migration to Avro easier.

JSON to Avro conversion tool designed to make migration to Avro easier. Includes simple command line validator.Apache Avro ships with some very advanced and efficient tools for reading and writing binary Avro but their support for JSON to Avro conversion is unfortunately limited and requires wrapping fields with type declarations if you have some optional fields in your schema. This tool is supposed to help with migrating project from using JSON to Avro without having to modify JSON data if it conforms to the JSON schema.


Implementation of JSON Patchwork, which defines a JSON document structure for expressing a sequence of value patching operations to apply from a source JSON document to a target JSON document.


PL/JSON is a generic JSON object written in PL/SQL. Using PL/SQL object syntax, users instantiate a JSON objects and then add members, arrays and additional JSON objects. This object type can store JSON data, in Oracle, persistently.