WKey Disabler

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An application to disable the Windows keys without the need for registry hacks/tweaks.




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Windows Product Key Finder

A very small tool for find out what your Windows Product key is. Good for when you need to reinstall windows but can't find your CD case.


SharpKeys is a utility that manages a Registry key that allows Windows to remap one key to any other key. Included in the application is a list of common keyboard keys and a Type Key feature to automatically recognize most keyboard keys. It was originally developed in C# using...

fde-rekey - fde-rekey is a tool used to rotate/generate a macOS filevault2 personal recovery key without user interaction

fde-rekey is a simple macOS package, designed to generate a new FileVault2 personal recovery key without any user interaction. It is designed to work on macOS 10.9 - 10.12.3.If you have a ServerURL Key defined in the com.grahamgilbert.crypt Preference domain, fde-rekey will convert the new key to support Crypt2. On the next run of Crypt following the use of fde-rekey the key will be escrowed.


A small tool for reading a lot of useful information from the WMI. Like HDD Model, HDD Serial number, CPU information, Motherboard info, Graphics card info, and some Windows infomation like, Version, Build, Install date, serial number and product key.

asterisk-php-libs - PHP Classes for Asterisk AMI and AGI interfacing

verbose ( $line, [ $level = 1 ] )---------------------------------Sends the Verbose AGI command with the first argument as the content. The optional second argument is the verbose level (default: 1) to set.answer ()---------Tells Asterisk to answer the call/channelhangup ()---------Tells Asterisk to hangup the call/channelami.php (class AMI)===================A simple class for building AMI-based PHP applications.The host (or IP) for the Asterisk box may be passed as an argument to the class co

dih-jdbc-datasource - dih-jdbc-datasource

dih.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/dih_datadih.user=solrdih.password=solr123dih.table=entry```In this sample, "dih" property key allows to associate setting with the DIH configuration file.This key matches with the core name and the regex define in the "configkeyregex" attribute of the dataSource and the entity elementsExample-------```core name = dih_shard1_replica1configkeyregex="^(.*)_shard"-> key = dihcore name = people_application1_shard1_replica1configkeyregex="^people_(.*)_shard"-> key =

Keypress - A keyboard input capturing utility in which any key can be a modifier key.

A keyboard input capturing utility in which any key can be a modifier key.


Calculate Your Impact on Climate Change Measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions data in alignment with Executive Order 13514 Guidance. Through an intuitive user interface, federal agencies can use a bottom-up approach to capture and analyze GHG data at the site level where funding and management decisions occur. https://www.carbonfootprint.gsa.gov/? Download a two-page PDF here. Data Prepopulation Import up to 90% of a typical agency's Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions data from e

privy - An easy, fast lib to correctly password-protect your data

Privy is a small and fast utility for password-protecting secret data such as API keys, cryptocurrency wallets, or seeds for digital signatures.Say for example you are using GnuPG. You are about to sign a message but it first requires your password. Does your password become the input to instantiate your private key? No, it is first hashed by a secure key derivation function. That hash then becomes the input to a symmetric cipher such as AES which then decrypts your stored private key. That is what Privy does.

key-fu - Functions that take key arguments, not keyword arguments.

```Here's another example of the operation based on properties pattern.```racket (struct student (score)) (define students (map student (range 60 90))) (define passing-grade 70) ;; This is ugly. (filter (lambda (student) (<= passing-grade (student-score student))) students) ;; So is this. (filter (compose (curry <= passing-grade) student-score) students) ;; This is clean. (filter/key (curry <= passing-grade) student-score students)```Functions that work with

chroma-key-demo - Chroma Key Demo is an example demonstrating chroma key filter in Imaging SDK.

Chroma Key Demo is an example demonstrating the Imaging SDK chroma key filter.Tap on the upper original viewfinder to select a chroma key color (for example a green backdrop canvas) and use the color distance slider to adjust the threshold of the color range to be made transparent. Tap on the lower modified viewfinder to toggle between a video background and a "transparent" background.

otp - One-time pad programming exercise

We're gonna write a pair of programs in your language of choice to simulate using a one-time pad to encode and decode a message. The programs, encrypt and decrypt, will take a single argument, a hexadecimal string that represents the key, read in the plaintext (for encrypt) or ciphertext (for decrypt) from STDIN, and output the result on STDOUT.A one-time pad works by bitwise XORing the message against the key, and then XORing the resulting ciphertext against the same key to retrieve the original message. It's called a 'one-time pad' because, if your adversary intercepts multiple messages encrypted with the same pad, it's easy to figure out the key. In real life, you'd want your key to be at least as long as the message you're encrypting, but for the purposes of this exercise, we'll just loop over the key as many times as necessary to encrypt the message.

Panic Key Monitor

Panic Key Monitor is a program that monitors presence of usb flash drive with secret key. If flash drive is removed and no pin code was entered then Panic Key Monitor executes custom batch file. It is developed using VB.NET, Windows Services, WPF, WCF.

go-discover - Discover nodes in cloud environments

go-discover is a Go (golang) library and command line tool to discover ip addresses of nodes in cloud environments based on meta information like tags provided by the environment.The configuration for the providers is provided as a list of key=val key=val ... tuples where the values can be URL encoded. The provider is determined through the provider key. Effectively, only spaces have to be encoded with a + and on the command line you have to observe quoting rules with your shell.

Vault - A tool for managing secrets

Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and other secrets in modern computing. Vault handles leasing, key revocation, key rolling, and auditing. Vault presents a unified API to access multiple backends: HSMs, AWS IAM, SQL databases, raw key/value, and more.

disableflock - Disable F-Lock key on fancy Microsoft Keyboards

Disable F-Lock key on fancy Microsoft Keyboards

gopipe-redis - Utility that generates a file for mass piping in the Redis key-value store

gopipe-redis is a small utility written in Go to generate a file for mass insertion into the key-value store Redis. It takes in a source file written using the human-readable Redis syntax.

assoc - Key-value Array utility functions

Key-value Array utility functions

justthisonce - Fast one-time pad utility with key management features

Fast one-time pad utility with key management features

ssh-keyput - ssh key put utility

ssh key put utility