WixEdit - Edit WiX Source files

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WixEdit is an editor for XML source code of the Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolset. WixEdit lets you create MSI and MSM setup packages with the WiX Toolset. It provides a visual representation of the dialogs and an easy way to edit the WiX source files.




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WiX Toolset - Windows Installer XML

The Windows Installer XML (WiX) is a toolset that builds Windows installation packages from XML source code. The toolset supports a command line environment that developers may integrate into their build processes to build MSI and MSM setup packages.


WiXEdit is an editor for XML source files for the Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolset to build MSI and MSM setup packages. This is a fork of http://wixedit.sourceforge.net/

RakNet - RakNet is a cross platform, open source, C++ networking engine for game programmers.

------------------------------------------ See Help\swigtutorial.html Upgrading from version 3 ------------------------------------------ See 3.x_to_4.x_upgrade.txt Windows users (Visual Studio 2008 and 2010) ----------------------------------------- Load RakNet_VS2008.sln and convert if necessary.After the project conversion, if you encounter error MSB4006,follow the steps below to fix it:1. Open project properties2. Click on "Common Properties"3. Click on "Framework and References"4. Look


update-ssh-keys is a command line tool and a library for managing openssh authorized public keys. It keeps track of sets of keys with names, allows for adding additional keys, as well as deleting and disabling them. For usage information, see update-ssh-keys -h or run cargo doc to read the documentation on the library api.The update-ssh-keys command line tool is included in Container Linux, so there should be no reason to install it. If you would like to use this on a non-Container Linux machine, you can build the project with cargo build --release. The rust toolchain is required to build it. You can install rustup to manage your rust toolchain - https://www.rustup.rs.

Vagrant - Automatic Deployment Tool

Vagrant is a tool for building complete development environments. With an easy-to-use workflow and focus on automation, Vagrant lowers development environment setup time, increases development/production parity. Machines are provisioned on top of VirtualBox, VMware, AWS, or any other provider. Then, industry-standard provisioning tools such as shell scripts, Chef, or Puppet, can be used to automatically install and configure software on the machine.

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1. Packager source is managed by Git at https://www.github.com/google/edash-packager. We use gclient tool from Chromium to manage third party libraries. You will need Git (v1.7.5 or above) and Subversion (for third party libraries) installed on your machine to access the source code.2. Install Chromium depot tools which contains gclient and ninja See http://www.chromium.org/developers/how-tos/install-depot-tools for details.3. Get the source ```Shell mkdir edash_packager cd edash_packager g

aap - A-A-P - tool to locate, download, build and install software

A-A-P - tool to locate, download, build and install software

cookup - Easy build from source and install tool for UNIX platforms (using perl)

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script to automatically install upgrade Simple Build Tool

building - Build a Docker container for any app using Heroku Buildpacks

$ sudo pip install -U fig$ building -o fig.yml myuser/container-name$ fig up -dCreating myapp_web_1...$ fig scale web=3Starting myapp_web_2...Starting myapp_web_3...$ fig ps Name Command State Ports -------------------------------------------------- myapp_web_3 /start web Up 49192->8080/tcp myapp_web_2 /start web Up 49191->8080/tcp myapp_web_1 /start web Up 49190->8080/tcp This gives you a full Heroku like scaling environment in

FORTRAN Unit Test Framework (FRUIT)

FORTRAN Unit Test Framework FRUIT - TDD in FORTRAN

Freeline - A super fast build tool for Android, an alternative to Instant Run

Freeline is a super fast build tool for Android and an alternative to Instant Run. Caching reusable class files and resource indices, it enables incremental building Android apps, and optionally deploying the updates to your device by hot swap.

pystache - Mustache in Python

<!-- The Pystache setup script strips 1-line HTML comments prior --><!-- to converting to reST, so all HTML comments should be one line. --><!-- --><!-- We leave the leading brackets empty here. Otherwise, unwanted --><!-- caption text shows up in the reST version converted by pandoc. -->![](http://defunkt.github.com/pystache/images/logo_phillips.png "mustachioed, monocled snake by David Phillips")![](https://secure.travis-ci.org/defunkt/pystache.png "Travis CI current build status")[Pystache](

Bazel - Google's own build tool

Bazel is a build tool that builds code quickly and reliably. It is used to build the majority of Google's software, and thus it has been designed to handle build problems present in Google's development environment. A comprehensive, built-in set of rules lets you build software for a wide variety of languages and platforms right out of the box.

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external repository adds all the portable extensions to run it onother supported platforms.The main development tree is found in the src/sbin/iked andsrc/usr.sbin/ikectl directories of the OpenBSD CVS repository:* http://www.openbsd.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb/src/sbin/iked/* http://www.openbsd.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb/src/usr.sbin/ikectl/* See also: http://www.openiked.org/Installation------------The portable version of OpenIKED uses the GNU autoconf environment tobuild and install from the sources. As usual

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Tool to build a basic framework for a new domain being hosted by Apache.


Drupal 6.x Indymedia install build based on Twin Cities Indymedia setup

vagrant-centos - A vagrant setup for CentOS that adds the Mozilla Service packages repo's and sets up some basics

This vagrant build is to create a CentOS VM that has the mozilla-services repo's enabled for a build environment aiming to be quite similar to production Mozilla Service machines (though not exactly as it doesn't use the same service-ops puppet scripts).Note: VirtualBox 4.1.x currently seems to have a nasty kernel panic issue with Lion , use the second link provided in 2.1 to install the previous version which is stable in OSX Lion.