example-golang-todo - Golang API backend powering a TodoList app

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Simple Todo List web app. The backend is written in Go using the Standard Library, only.




Related Projects

todo-angular-firebase - Todo app with Angular CLI • AngularFire2 • Firebase • OAuth • SW-Precache

  •    TypeScript

A simple Todo app example built with Angular, Angular CLI and AngularFire2. The app features a Firebase backend with OAuth authentication. Try the demo at ng2-todo-app.firebaseapp.com.

todo-react-redux - Todo app with Create-React-App • React-Redux • Firebase • OAuth

  •    Javascript

A simple Todo app example with undelete capability — built with Create React App, React Redux, and Firebase. Try the demo at https://todo-react-redux.firebaseapp.com.

goql - A golang source code scanner, this time in sql :)

  •    Go

This is a golang sql driver, to interact with Go code. currently only select is possible, but the insert/update/delete is in todo list. Also there is an example command line is available for more advanced usage in cmd/goql by running go get -u github.com/fzerorubigd/goql/... the binary is available in your GOBIN directory. you can run query against any installed package in your GOPATH via this tool.

VIPER-SWIFT - An example Todo list app written in Swift using the VIPER architecture.

  •    Swift

An example Todo list app written in Swift using the VIPER architecture.

Gin - HTTP web framework written in Go (Golang)

  •    Go

Gin is a web framework written in Go (Golang). It features a martini-like API with much better performance, up to 40 times faster thanks to httprouter. If you need performance and good productivity, you will love You can add global, per-group, and per-route middlewares, thousands of nested groups, nice JSON validation and rendering. And the performance will be still great. Gin uses httprouter internally, the fastest HTTP router for Golang. Httprouter was created by Julien Schmidt and it’s based in a Radix Tree algorithm.

microservice-app-example - Example of polyglot microservice app

  •    Javascript

This is an example of web application comprising of several components communicating to each other. In other words, this is an example of microservice app. Why is it better than many other examples? Well, because these microservices are written in different languages. This approach gives you flexibility for running experiments in polyglot environment. The app itself is a simple TODO app that additionally authenticates users. I planned to add some admin functionality, but decided to cut the scope and add it later if needed.

dropstore-ng - Dropbox Datastore bindings for AngularJS

  •    Javascript

The bindings wrap the first three tiers (Client, DatastoreManager, Datastore) of the Dropbox Datastore API within Angular Promises. This is because only the first three tiers use callbacks and because it creates a easy to follow chain of async function calls rather than the hell usually associated with callback heavy libraries. The Dropbox Datastore API is also wrapped with promises to create a simple way to ensure that the AngularJS scope is updated properly. dropstore-ng also provides AngularJS publish/subscribe functionality allowing applications to listen for local and/or remote updates to the datastores. Check out the example-todo branch for more the live demo code.

todo-app - GAE + Backbone + Require.js Todo web app example

  •    Javascript

Based on the work of Thomas Davis (http://backbonetutorials.com/) and Jérôme Gravel-Niquet (http://jgn.me). To build the app, download node.js from http://nodejs.org, and run the build script under "build/build".

golang-gin-realworld-example-app - Exemplary real world application built with Golang + Gin

  •    Go

This codebase was created to demonstrate a fully fledged fullstack application built with Golang/Gin including CRUD operations, authentication, routing, pagination, and more.

react-native-lightbox - Images etc in Full Screen Lightbox Popovers for React Native

  •    Javascript

navigator property is optional but recommended on iOS, see next section for Navigator configuration. For android support you must pass a reference to a Navigator since it does not yet have the Modal component and is not on the official todo list. See the Example project for a complete example.

redux-react-router-example-app - Example blog like application

  •    Javascript

This project is a work in progress. This project was started, because I found myself and many developers would like to get an insight on how Redux and React Router can be used in the bigger projects than a TODO app.

todo-rails4-angularjs - Showcase of Rails 4 and AngularJS integration

  •    Ruby

This is a todo list management application, written in Rails 4 and AngularJS. Tasks support CRUD operations as well as drag&drop sorting and setting due dates via a popup calendar. All task operations are done on the client side and synchronized to the server. The application sports a RESTful API used by AngularJS SPA and also usable standalone. Check out the demo at todo-rails4-angularjs.

Taskcoach - Todo manager to keep track of personal tasks and todo lists

  •    Objective-C

Task Coach is a simple open source todo manager to keep track of personal tasks and todo lists. It is designed for composite tasks, and also offers effort tracking, categories, notes and more. Tasks have a subject, description, priority, start date, due date, a completion date and an optional reminder. Tasks can recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Tasks and notes can be assigned to user-defined categories.

Gmail Todo

  •    Python

Gmail Todo is another todo application that uses the python libgmail to store all todo's in a todo label on gmail. This way your todo list is simple and always available.

node-todo - A simple Node/MongoDB/Angular todo app

  •    Javascript

A Node app built with MongoDB and Angular. For demonstration purposes and a tutorial. Node provides the RESTful API. Angular provides the frontend and accesses the API. MongoDB stores like a hoarder.

swagger - Swagger client generator

  •    Javascript

This is a utility for automatically generating API documentation from annotations in Go code. It generates the documentation as JSON, according to the Swagger Spec, and then displays it using Swagger UI.This tool was inspired by Beego, and follows the same annotation standards set by Beego. The main difference between this tool and Beego is that this generator doesn't depend on the Beego framework. You can use any framework to implement your API (or don't use a framework at all). You just add declarative comments to your API controllers, then run this generator and your documentation is ready! For an example of what such documentation looks like when presented via Swagger UI, see the Swagger pet store example.

laravel5-jsonapi - Laravel 5 JSON API Transformer Package

  •    PHP

For the sake of having a real life example, this configuration will guide you on how to set up 7 end-points for two resources, Employees and Orders. Both Employees and Orders resources will be Eloquent models, being related one with the other.

slumber - A complete REST API server written in golang / go

  •    Go

A complete example of a REST-ful API server in written in Go (golang).

gojay - fastest JSON encoder/decoder with powerful stream API for Golang

  •    Go

GoJay is a performant JSON encoder/decoder for Golang (currently the most performant, see benchmarks). It has a simple API and doesn't use reflection. It relies on small interfaces to decode/encode structures and slices.

gojson - Automatically generate Go (golang) struct definitions from example JSON

  •    Go

gojson generates go struct definitions from json or yaml documents.Assuming $GOPATH/bin is in your PATH, you can now invoke gojson directly.