SlipHover - Apply direction aware 2D/3D hover animation to images

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Apply direction aware 2D/3D hover effect to images



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How to create a direction-aware hover effect using CSS3 and jQuery. The idea is to slide in an overlay from the direction we are moving with the mouse.


Relocator is lightweight jQuery plugin to create photo gallery. this plugin will make the different size images to fit with the specified canvas without "size resizing"


This is a simple slideshow with excelent hover effect. some customization needed to get an better result. This is very much effective in webkit browser. Plugin can customize by, speed: number of ms you want to move, delay: number of ms you want to delay, paginationActiveUrl: Bellow pagination image url needed, this for active, paginationInActiveUrl: this image url for showing inactive situation, paginationImageWidth: pagination image width helps you to centralize the pagination por


Gallerie is a simple JQuery plugin that offers a lightbox-like gallery viewer of a collection of images.