airserver - Node.js AirPlay server

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The aim of the project is to create a complete reference implementation of the entire AirPlay protocol universe in Node.js.


airplay-server : ^1.0.0
bplist-parser : ^0.1.0
plist : ^1.1.0
raop-server : git://
router : ^0.6.2
xtend : ^4.0.0



Related Projects

AirFloat - Implementation of AirPlay audio (AirTunes) for iOS.

  •    C

AirFloat implements the RAOP (Remote Audio Output Protocol) also known as AirPlay Audio. Essentially this app turns your iPhone into an AirPlay audio receivier like the AirPort Express. Download, open in Xcode and build.

shairport - Airtunes emulator! Shairport is no longer maintained.

  •    C

As I no longer use Shairport myself, I am no longer maintaining or supporting Shairport. Thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years; it's been a great experience. For the ongoing user, there are a great many forks and ports to choose from now, many of which are of a very high quality and well maintained. This program emulates an AirPort Express for the purpose of streaming music from iTunes and compatible iPods and iPhones. It implements a server for the Apple RAOP protocol. ShairPort does not support AirPlay v2 (video and photo streaming).

shairplay - Apple airplay and raop protocol server

  •    C

Free portable AirPlay server implementation similar to ShairPort. Currently only AirPort Express emulation is supported.

Airstream - A framework for streaming audio between Apple devices using AirPlay.

  •    Objective-C

An iOS / macOS framework for streaming audio between Apple devices using AirPlay. You can use Airstream to start an AirPlay server in your iOS or macOS applications. Then, any Apple device can stream audio to your application via AirPlay, with no extra software required.

airsonos - :musical_note: AirPlay to Sonos

  •    Javascript

AirSonos is a server that adds Apple AirPlay (iOS, OS X) support to all Sonos devices on a network. AirSonos requires node.js >= v0.10.33 installed to run.

node-airplay - Apple AirPlay client library for node.js

  •    Javascript

node-airplay is a client library for Apple's AirPlay remote playback protocol. It implements a simple AirPlay device browser using mdns and command interface. node-airplay depends on both node-plist and node_mdns. Unfortunately node_mdns is woefully out of date and has required many tweaks to get working, resulting in a fork.

Slave-in-the-Magic-Mirror - Open source implementation of AirPlay Mirroring. WIP.

  •    Python

In short: Apple has a thing that lets you show what's on your iPhone or iPad or Mac on your Apple TV. This lets you see it on your Linux or Mac computer or media center too, maybe. AirPlay Mirroring uses a funky mish-mash of standards wrapped in some DRM. Slave in the Magic Mirror packs the audio and video data into a standard media container and hands it to VLC. The DRM is handled by calling into the original Apple TV server binary using a pure-python ARM interpreter.

swift-sdk - :iphone: The Watson Swift SDK enables developers to quickly add Watson Cognitive Computing services to their Swift applications

  •    Swift

The Watson Developer Cloud Swift SDK makes it easy for mobile developers to build Watson-powered applications. With the Swift SDK you can leverage the power of Watson's advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning techniques to understand unstructured data and engage with mobile users in new ways. This SDK provides classes and methods to access the following Watson services.

assistant-with-discovery - This application demonstrates the combination of the IBM Watson Assistant and Discovery services

  •    Java

This application demonstrates how you can combine the Watson Assistant and Discovery services to allow customers, employees or the public to get answers to a wide range of questions about a product, service or other topic using plain English. First, users pose a questions to the Watson Assistant service. If Watson Assistant is not able to confidently answer, the app executes a call to Discovery, which to provides a list of helpful answers. The app has a conversational interface that can answer basic questions about a fictitious cognitive car, as well as more obscure questions whose answers can be found in the car’s manual. The app uses two Watson services: Watson Assistant and Discovery. The Watson Assistant service powers the basic Q&A using intents, relationships and natural language, and calls the Discovery app when it encounters questions it can’t answer. Discovery searches and ranks responses from the manual to answer those questions.

Sports Scores Tools for Watson

  •    Objective-C

This project provides two sports related tools for Watson. Baseball Scores for Watson is a plug-in for Watson that displays box scores from major league baseball games. Football Scores for Watson is a plug-in for Watson that displays box scores from NF

shairport - UNOFFICIAL MIRROR - Airtunes emulator! Inactive, please use the albertz fork.

  •    C

UNOFFICIAL MIRROR - Airtunes emulator! Inactive, please use the albertz fork.

Airplayer - Python script to make media playing software Apple Airplay compatbible

  •    Python

WARNING: Airplayer is no longer under active development. XBMC users can use the built-in Airplay support which is available since XBMC 11 (Eden). Airplayer is a script to make media playing software Airplay-compatible. Airplayer features pluggable backends, making it possible to support different media players.

airplay - Airplay bindings to Ruby

  •    Ruby

Airplay attempts to be compatible with the latest AppleTV firmware but I'd like to add compatibility to other servers. You can contribute with code, bugs or feature requests.

airstream - A command line tool for streaming to airplay-devices

  •    Ruby

A command line tool for sending videos and images to airplay-compatible devices (like AppleTV). The airplay protocol can basically play videos in mpeg-4 (mp4, mov, ts, m4v) format that are accessible via http. Thus for sending a local file a webserver will be created, see below.


  •    Ruby

For a quick idea of how to use watson, check out the app demo! (mirror) See below for a description of what all the command line arguments do. This parameter specifies how many lines of context watson should include when posting issues to remote repos. When this parameter is set from the command line, the .watsonrc config file is written with the value; the command line option effectively sets the default value for this feature in the current directory. The default value is set to 15 (and can be found in the lib/watson/command.rb file).

unity-sdk - :video_game: Unity SDK to use the IBM Watson services.

  •    CSharp

Use this SDK to build Watson-powered applications in Unity. You can get the latest SDK release by clicking here.

node-red-labs - Node-RED labs on the use of the Watson Developer Cloud services


This repository is a collection of examples on how to use the Watson nodes in Node-RED. Basic examples are simple, standalone examples of how to call the individual Watson Node-RED nodes.

python-sdk - :snake: Client library to use the IBM Watson services in Python and available in pip as watson-developer-cloud

  •    Python

Python client library to quickly get started with the various Watson APIs services.

visual-recognition-coreml - Classify images offline using Watson Visual Recognition and Core ML

  •    Swift

Read this in other languages: 中国, 日本. Classify images with Watson Visual Recognition and Core ML. The images are classified offline using a deep neural network that is trained by Visual Recognition.