34c3 - Chaos Communication Congress 2017 Schedule for the Command Line

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Chaos Communication Congress 2017 Schedule for the Command Line



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ixy is a simple userspace packet processing framework. It takes exclusive control of a network adapter and implements the whole driver in userspace. Its architecture is similar to DPDK and Snabb and completely different from (seemingly similar) frameworks such as netmap, pfq, pf_ring, or XDP (all of which rely on kernel components). In fact, reading both DPDK and Snabb drivers was crucial to understand some parts of the Intel 82599 datasheet better. Check out the draft of our paper or watch the recording of our talk at 34C3 to learn more.

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presentations - Conference Talks and Proposals


Most of the code from the "JavaScript Combinators" is adapted from JavaScript Allongé and from its library, allong.es. The code from "The Art of the JavaScript Metaobject Protocol" was adapted from JavaScript Spessore. The material discussed in the talks is free to read online. All of these talks were composed in Markdown and presented on-screen using Deckset.

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Events are everywhere. However, event publishers tend to describe events differently. The lack of a common way of describing events means developers must constantly re-learn how to receive events. This also limits the potential for libraries, tooling and infrastructure to aide the delivery of event data across environments, like SDKs, event routers or tracing systems. The portability and productivity we can achieve from event data is hindered overall.