Web Development & UI Design - Visual WebGui for Enterprise Empowered Silverlight

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Extend desktop power to the internet to provide much richer & faster Silverlight UI, and by- design security with VWG RIA Platform. Develop with simple WISIWYG form designer, design with point & click graphic designer and simply deploy.




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SharePoint Migration Framework

This projects aims to facilitate the creation of migration utilities for moving content to SharePoint. The tools will also act as comprehensive examples of how to programmatically move content to SharePoint using the different APIs provided by SharePoint.

migratrix - Rails migration tool supporting multiple migration strategies

Rails migration tool supporting multiple migration strategies

ngmigrate - Automated migration of <template> to <ng-template> for Angular 4+

Tool for automatic migration of Angular applications.ngmigrate is PoC, so it implements a single migration strategy - <template> elements to <ng-template>.

sql-migrate - SQL schema migration tool for Go.

SQL Schema migration tool for Go. Based on gorp and goose.Using modl? Check out modl-migrate.

gormigrate - Minimalistic database migration helper for Gorm ORM

Gormigrate is a migration helper for Gorm. Gorm already have useful migrate functions, just misses proper schema versioning and rollback cababilities.If you have a lot of migrations, it can be a pain to run all them, as example, when you are deploying a new instance of the app, in a clean database. To prevent this, you can set a function that will run if no migration was run before (in a new clean database). Remember to create everything here, all tables, foreign keys and what more you need in your app.

Azure-Apache-Migration-Tool - Azure Apache Migration Tool

The Azure Apache Migration Migration Tool is a tool that allows customers to move their existing sites hosted on Linux servers running Apache into the cloud on Azure websites. For more information check out movemetothecloud.net.And follow the prompts.

Database Converter

A generic metadata, data, and progam migration tool for various databases. Create, review, and modify migration defition with/without database connectivity. Execute database migration or generate relevant SQL and data files as per user choice.

Database Migration Tool (DAMI)

Database Migration Tool (DAMI)is a migration tool used for transporting data between databases. It transfers data from an existing database with a old structure to a new database with new structure.

SQL Azure Federation Data Migration Wizard

SQL Azure Federation Data Migration Wizard simplifies the process of migrating data from a single database to multiple federation members in SQL Azure Federation.

TFS Integration Platform

The TFS Integration Platform enables developers to build tools that integrate other systems with TFS. Building one way and bidirectional tools for VC and WIT is much simpler with this platform, as most of the TFS interaction and migration/sync actions are provided for you.

SQL Database Migration Wizard v3.9.12 & v4.0.15

SQL Database Migration Wizard (SQLAzureMW) is designed to help you migrate your SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 databases to Azure SQL Database.

File share to SharePoint 2007/2010 migrator

GSPMigrator does one thing: Migration of files from any file share into MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) 2007/2010 document library Simple migration application that communicates with MOSS 2007/2010 via its out-of-the-box web service. Supports drag and drop.

Total TFS Migration Tool

A tool developed to migrate data such as Work items,Shared queries,Iterations,Areas,Test Plans,Suits and Work flows between two TFS Projects.

Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit

Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit - This toolkit is the companion to the book quot;Windows to Linux Migrationquot; to be released by Syngress Publishing, Inc. This toolkit is a collection of perl and shell scripts as well as documentation and migration checkli

data-migration-tool-ce - Magento CE Data Migration Tool

We're pleased you're considering moving from the world's #1 eCommerce platform—Magento 1.x—to the eCommerce platform for the future, Magento 2. We're also excited to share the details about this process, which we refer to as migration.

migration - Anahita migration

Anahita migration