alfred-pokedex - Alfred 3 workflow to lookup information about Pokemon

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Alfred 3 workflow to lookup information about Pokémon.Install the workflow.



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alfred-workflows - Alfred Workflows for Developers

Quick package/plugin/component (repo) lookup of for your favourite package managers. Currently supports Alcatraz, bower, CocoaDocs/CocoaPods, Composer, docker, Grunt, Homebrew, Maven, npm, pear, pypi, gems, and rpm. All workflows require constant internet connection. All repos have caching enabled to speed up common queries. These caches are refreshed after 14 days and may take longer then expected to return results during update. You can force a cache refresh by running pkgman cachedb to redownload the databases (applies to alcatraz, grunt, cocoa). Alternatively you can run pkgman cleardb to remove all stored cache, but this isn't recommended.

alfred-workflows - :metal: A collection of Alfred 3 workflows that will rock your world

A collection of Alfred 3 workflows that will rock your world. Download and open file using Alfred 3.

dext - 🔍 A smart launcher. Powered by JavaScript.

Dext is a JavaScript powered smart launcher. Built with JavaScript behind the influences of Alfred.Made compatible with Alfred workflows that is powered by node (see: alfy). - A public Collection of Alfred Workflows.

A public Collection of Alfred Workflows.

Spotify-for-Alfred - aka Spotifious — a natural Spotify controller for Alfred

It's built off a lot of other people's work— PHPFunk and David Ferguson especially— and tries to match the functionality of Alfred's integrated iTunes player. It's not perfect, but it does the job. And I think it's pretty cool. Spotifious just feels fun to use, like a real plugin for Alfred, not a workflow. It can do in-depth, album-scouring searches and gives you useful information even if something goes wrong. Filter by artist or album, search for specific tracks or just plain see what's playing. It's all there.

alfred-caniuse-workflow - Alfred App Workflow for

Upon making your first search the caniuse db is cached (7 days).

alfred - Node is your mansion, Alfred is your butler. Node.js key-value store

Node is your mansion, Alfred is your butler. Node.js key-value store

alfred-dev-doctor - A dev documentation finder for alfred

A dev documentation finder for alfred

Sharepoint Workflow Starter

Sharepoint Workflow Starter is a visual tool for starting/stopping workflows for multiple list items. The main features this tool offers are: 1) Start/stop workflows for list items quickly with less steps than Sharepoint's web interface. 2) Start/stop workflows for all list i...

alfred-pkgman-workflow - Package Repo Search

Quick package/plugin/component (repo) lookup for your favourite package managers. Currently supports Alcatraz to Yeoman Generators.

SP Workflows

The SP Workflows utility is a tool used for monitoring a “Workflow Internal State” and “Workflow Status” for the workflows associated to a SharePoint List

IWebWF - Windows Workflow Foundation Hosting Framework - Windows Workflow Foundation Hosting Framework. Allows hosting of workflows that use web services. * Installs the SQL persistence engine * Displays a log of currently persisted workflows * Provides account management to allow usernames and passwords to be man...

Deploy Workflow Manager

Kick off a workflow associated with a SharePoint List on all list items at once. SharePoint Designer Workflows will also be included. This project assumes criteria is included in the Workflow. Critera through the Workflow Manager is still in process.

SharePoint Designer Workflow Exporter (SPDToolkit)

The SharePoint Designer Workflow Exporter exports workflows that are created using SharePoint designer to an feature. Making it possible to package in solution packages (WSP) See:

Custom SharePoint Workflow Starting Event Handlers

Allow more control over when and how workflows are started. Allows anonymous users to start workflows.

WSS Mini Workflow Actions

The WSS Mini Workflow Actions are a set of custom SharePoint workflow actions which implement common workflow scenarios such as majority approval, fixed count approval, and gathering acknowledgments. This allows users to chain together "Workflows" in SharePoint Designer

Visual Studio Workflow deployed into SharePoint in 10 easy steps

Blog Article Teaser: There is a lot of content on the web around custom Windows Workflow Foundation (WFF) workflows and how they integrate into SharePoint. However, I couldn't find a post or article that contained the basics steps to deploying a workflow that wasn't watered d...

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