vue-styleguidist - Created from react styleguidist for Vue Components with a living style guide

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Project was started when not finding a tool that generates documentation of components with hot reloading, read documentation and have a playground. Created from React Styleguidist, implement additional support to read and compile .vue files. Only supports 2.x. Vue Styleguidist is a style guide generator for Vue components. It lists component and shows live, editable usage examples based on Markdown files. You can use it to generate a static HTML page to share and publish or as a workbench for developing new components using hot reloaded dev server.


@vxna/mini-html-webpack-template : ^0.1.7
acorn : ^5.7.1
ast-types : ^0.11.5
buble : ^0.19.6
classnames : ^2.2.6
clean-webpack-plugin : ^0.1.19
clipboard-copy : ^2.0.0
codemirror : ^5.39.0
common-dir : ^2.0.2
copy-webpack-plugin : ^4.5.2
css-loader : ^0.28.11
doctrine : ^2.1.0
es6-object-assign : ~1.1.0
es6-promise : ^4.2.4
escodegen : ^1.10.0
esprima : ^4.0.0
findup : ^0.1.5 : ^1.0.6
github-slugger : ^1.2.0
glob : ^7.1.2
glogg : ^1.0.1
highlight.js : ^9.12.0
is-directory : ^0.3.1
javascript-stringify : ^1.6.0
jss : ^9.8.7
jss-camel-case : ^6.1.0
jss-compose : ^5.0.0
jss-default-unit : ^8.0.2
jss-global : ^3.0.0
jss-isolate : ^5.1.0
jss-nested : ^6.0.1
kleur : ^2.0.1
leven : ^2.1.0
listify : ^1.0.0
loader-utils : ^1.1.0
lodash : ^4.17.10
lowercase-keys : ^1.0.1
markdown-to-jsx : ^6.6.8
mini-html-webpack-plugin : ^0.2.3
minimist : ^1.2.0
ora : ^2.1.0
prop-types : ^15.6.2
q-i : ^2.0.1
react : ^16.4.1
react-codemirror2 : ^5.1.0
react-dev-utils : ^5.0.1
react-dom : ^16.4.1
react-group : ^1.0.6
react-icons : ^2.2.7
react-lifecycles-compat : ^3.0.4
react-styleguidist : ^7.3.9
recast : ^0.13.0
remark : ^9.0.0
strip-comments : ^0.4.4
style-loader : ^0.21.0
to-ast : ^1.0.0
type-detect : ^4.0.8
uglifyjs-webpack-plugin : 1.2.7
unist-util-visit : ^1.3.1
vue-docgen-api : ^2.5.2
vue-webpack-loaders : ^1.0.8
webpack-dev-server : ^2.11.2
webpack-merge : ^4.1.3



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