Visual Source Safe management API

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Visual Source Safe management API is a library written in C# which exposes automation interface used by Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe™.



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SourceSafe to SVN Import and Migration

Visual SourceSafe to Subversion allows VSS databases to be imported into new or existing SVN repositories using a user friendly GUI or command line client.


ClearVss clear any reference of Visual SourceSafe in yours solution. You'll no longer have to delete and modify solution files by hand. It's developed in C#


ESSTP (Eclipse SourceSafe Team Provider) integrates common MicrosoftŽ Visual SourceSafe? functionality into the Eclipse integrated platform on MicrosoftŽ Windows? operating systems.

Visual SourceSafe for linux(unix)

This project is used for linux(unix) user who wants to access MS sourcesafe via in linux(unix). This program is a classic C/S program, both side is written in java language. Total classes is less then 100K. Hope it helps you!

SourceSafe-Integration - Fairly complete file-based SourceSafe Integration

Fairly complete file-based SourceSafe Integration

Apache VSS Ant Library - Microsoft Visual Source Safe support for Apache Ant.

The Apache VSS Antlib provides an interface to the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe SCM. The original Ant tasks have been expanded upon in this Antlib. Some fixes to issues in the original tasks have also been incorporated.


A Python library used to interact with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe repositories.

ssu - Textual SourceSafe for Unix (mirror of git://

Textual SourceSafe for Unix (mirror of git:// - Check out files from Microsoft SourceSafe directly from vim

Check out files from Microsoft SourceSafe directly from vim

fuel - win32 product builder

A set of COM components and programs for automating the Win32 product build process. It supports various common Win32 tools, eg Visual C++, Visual Basic, WinHelp, Installshield, Sourcesafe etc.


A tool, written in C#, for importing a Visual SourceSafe database into Subversion (SVN) while maintaining the complete file history.

VSS Plugin for Eclipse

The goal of the project is to provide a Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) team provider plugin for Eclipse 3.x from the project. The plugin is well integrated in the IDE environment and provides support for all daily VSS operations.

VSSExtractor amp; ConversionServer

VSSExtractor is a software to convert source code databases from proprietary Microsoft Visual SourceSafe to open-source, widely-used CVS.


A Git tool similar to "git svn" for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.

Codestriker - Web based Code Reviewing

Codestriker is an open-sourced web application which supports online code reviewing. Traditional document reviews are supported, as well as reviewing diffs generated by an SCM (Source Code Management) system and plain unidiff patches. There are integration points with CVS, Subversion, Clearcase, Perforce, Visual SourceSafe and Bugzilla. There is a plug-in architecture for supporting other SCMs and issue tracking systems.

FreeToDev MSBuild Tasks Suite

Welcome to the FreeToDev MSBuild Tasks Suite. Here you will find a collection of MSBuild tasks dedicated to the .Net 3.5 Framework. The Suite provides over 170 tasks covering the .Net Framework, BizTalk, FxCop, IIS7, SourceSafe, StyleCop, Team Foundation Server, WMI and more....

Rollout Sharepoint Solutions - ROSS

ROSS performs the following actions: - Delete sitecollection and restart services - 'Get Latest Version' from SourceSafe - Rebuild Solution - Install all wsp solutions - Create SiteCollections - Check for build en provisioning errors - Send email to developers if errors...


Hippo is a combination of Draco.NET and MS BuildIt. It provides the client/server mechanism, SourceSafe changes and scheduled builds of Draco.NET, and the build numbering system provided in BuildIt.


Check sourcesafe for iphone/ipad

Range-V3-VS2015 - A fork of the popular range-v3 C++ library with support for the Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 VC++ compiler

This is a fork of Eric Niebler's range-v3 library with extensive (and somewhat invasive) workarounds to support the Visual C++ compiler as released in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. Our intent is to evolve both this fork and upstream range-v3 toward each other by upstreaming less invasive workarounds and removing those that become unnecessary as the compiler evolves to be more standard conformant. Eventually the two streams will merge and Visual C++ users will be well-served by unmodified upstream range-v3. This fork will then exist only to provide support for users of older less-conforming versions of Visual C++.Why does C++ need another range library? Simply put, the existing solutions haven't kept up with the rapid evolution of C++. Range v3 is a library for the future C++. Not only does it work well with today's C++ -- move semantics, lambdas, automatically deduced types and all -- it also anticipates tomorrow's C++ with Concepts Lite.