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Related Projects

goxel - Goxel: Free and Open Source 3D Voxel Editor

  •    C++

You can use goxel to create voxel graphics (3D images formed of cubes). It works on Linux, BSD, Windows and macOS. The last release files can be downloaded from there.

sparse-voxel-octrees - CPU Sparse Voxel Octree Implementation

  •    C++

This project provides a multithreaded, CPU Sparse Voxel Octree implementation in C++, capable of raytracing large datasets in real-time, converting raw voxel files to octrees and converting mesh data (in form of PLY files) to voxel octrees. The conversion routines are capable of handling datasets much larger than the working memory, allowing the creation and rendering of very large octrees (resolution 8192x8192x8192 and up).

voxel-engine - 3D HTML5 voxel game engine

  •    Javascript

3D HTML5 voxel game engine

Voxel Coloring framework

  •    Delphi

A framework for Voxel Coloring which is an algorithm for 3D reconstruction from a number of photographs with known camera locations. We have an implementation of the basic Voxel Coloring algorithm by Seitz and Dyer and several extensions to it.

Terasology - Terasology - open source voxel world

  •    Java

The Terasology project was born from a Minecraft-inspired tech demo and is becoming a stable platform for various types of gameplay settings in a voxel world. Terasology requires Java 8 - download it here. Also make sure that your graphics card driver is up to date.

voxelengine3 - Voxel-engine in Javascript

  •    Javascript

Voxelengine3 is a ThreeJS WebGL voxel engine. The code has NOT been polished and is provided "as is". There are a lot of code that are redundant and there are tons of improvements that can be made.

VoxelPlugin - Voxel plugin for Unreal Engine

  •    C++

voxel plugin™ allows to create fully volumetric, entirely destructible, infinite worlds in Unreal Engine. It is compatible with 4.18 and 4.19. You can get a precompiled version of the plugin on Gumroad and Sellfy.

Field3D - A library for storing voxel data on disk and in memory.

  •    C

A library for storing voxel data on disk and in memory.

Voxel Nation


VoxelNation is an open-source implementation of a voxel game.

Minetest - Infinite-world block sandbox game engine and game with survival and crafting

  •    C++

An InfiniMiner/Minecraft inspired game.If you downloaded the Minetest Engine source code in which this file is contained, you probably want to download the Minetest Game project too.

orthogami - Orthogonal polyhedra origami

  •    Javascript

If you want to try making a Mario yourself, here is a PDF in A4 format. This module works in any reasonable CommonJS environment (includes node.js and browserify). You can also use it with the voxel critter creator (select "Export Orthogami").

recastnavigation - Navigation-mesh Toolset for Games

  •    C++

Recast is state of the art navigation mesh construction toolset for games. The Recast process starts with constructing a voxel mold from a level geometry and then casting a navigation mesh over it. The process consists of three steps, building the voxel mold, partitioning the mold into simple regions, peeling off the regions as simple polygons.

WorldEdit - An in-game voxel map editor for Minecraft

  •    Java

WorldEdit is Minecraft mod that turns Minecraft into an in-game map editor (sorta, kinda). WorldEdit is open source!, so if you've just learned how to make a button blink, I probably recommend picking up a book on CS algorithms. The project is licensed using the GNU Lesser General Public License license, v3.

Lemma - Immersive first-person parkour in a surreal, physics-driven voxel world.

  •    CSharp

Lemma is an immersive first-person parkour game. Every parkour move has the potential to modify the environment. Surfaces pop in and out of existence at will. All the code and some of the assets for Lemma are open source. Everything you need to create your own single-player campaign is there, including a level editor.


  •    Java

Terasology is an open source project started by Benjamin "begla" Glatzel to research procedural terrain generation and efficient rendering techniques in Java using the LWJGL. The engine uses a block-based voxel-like approach as seen in Minecraft. After proving itself as a solid tech demo begla was joined at first by Anton "small-jeeper" Kireev and Rasmus "Cervator" Praestholm and a full-fledged game concept was born. Our goal is a game that pays ample tribute to Minecraft in initial look and or


  •    C++

CavePaint is a small 3D-Paint program especially designed for the capabilities of a CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) using CAVELib. Instead of common 3D-Paint programs like 3dsmax or maya, CavePaint is designed for a voxel space.


  •    C++

camvox is a CSG, voxel and tool path library for generating multi-axis tool paths for milling machines.

VoxelModel - A Simple to Use Voxel Modeller!


VoxelModel does exactly what it sounds like it does - it creates 3D models using voxels! Currently, VoxelModel only supports cubes for building, but development for multiple shapes is underway!



BlockEngine is yet another voxel block-based engine. It is written in C# with OpenTK.



Painect is a drawing tool proof of concept, which uses a voxel engine and the Microsoft Kinect to draw 3D objects. It uses C# as development language, the MS Kinect SDK and an PolyVox C# Wrapper. The project is written and managed with VS2010.